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As mentioned in our first post, the FBGs are not haters. All exercise is good exercise. With that being said…

Leslie Sansone’s recent DVD release, Walk at Home: 5 Mile, didn’t exactly have me walking on air. While Leslie is endearing at times, she’s can be a tad annoying. Granted, the woman knows her stuff (very few exercise DVDs give good postural alignment tips and actually educate people on how exercise affects the body) and cues beautifully so that you’re never lost from one move to the next, but I was tempted to hit the mute button a time or two.

Leslie is kind of like a hyper talk show host who just happens to be working out with a group of eight behind her. During the workout, she even reveals the “secret” that the girl at her right is her daughter and leaves viewers in suspense of who workout posse member Carl is married to. (Turns out it’s Rita in case you can’t bear the suspense.) She’s also very touchy feely, wanting to hold hands with people and clap—a lot. Thankfully, it looks like the producers realized this and added a “music-only” option to the DVD’s menu. If you’re into “walking” (which basically equates to marching in place) at home, I suggest listening to at least a mile or two with the audio, then going to the music-only option. For an exercise DVD, the music is actually pretty good.

This Walk at Home: 5 Mile DVD is fairly tame, and it definitely isn’t a walk on the wild side. (Sorry, the walk jokes are way too easy.) It was more like a mildly amusing power walk through my neighborhood where I jaywalked once or twice for excitement. Oooh, crazy.

A five-mile walk is the premise of the DVD, with each mile acting as its own segment, complete with outfit changes. There’s little difference between the miles, which was disappointing. Mile one is a good warm-up and introduces you to the beginner-friendly steps (marching in place, side steps, walking up and back, knees up, kicks, hamstring curls). Mile two was my favorite and actually incorporates light jogging and some pretty intense moves. Mile three, four and five completely run together and get really a little boring, despite the introduction of Leslie’s branded swag, which includes hand weights, a belt with elastic bands and Leslie’s “stretchy”—a bright pink, thick elastic band. Whooo! For each mile, Leslie basically repeats the same choreography and during the extended marching-in-place intervals, she jabbers on about how much she loves healthy sweaters. (If you decide to do the video and need additional entertainment, take note of Jimmy in the back. He’s the large fellow who resembles a jolly Hulk Hogan and looks completely out of place in a Leslie Sansone DVD.)

I should disclose that I’ve never done any DVDs in the Walk at Home series, but this was the advanced five mile version, and I wasn’t exactly challenged. I would recommend this to novice exercisers or those who like basic and simple choreography or no choreography at all and are looking for an easy to moderate cardio workout. For those of you who work out regularly, I’d walk away. (Sorry, had to get one last joke in there.)

FBG Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ***
Long-Term Likeability: *
Music: ****
Fun Factor: *
Meets Expectations: **
Overall: **

Fit Bottom line: Despite that it’s marketed as an advanced DVD, the Walk at Home: 5 Mile best suited for beginners who don’t want complicated choreography. —Jenn

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  1. I know that people shouldn’t be chastise for their exercise choices and that, like you say, all exercise is good exercise… but… why can’t people just go for walks outside any more? Sure, I know, suburbia hasn’t been built with sidewalks and I’m lucky for living in a very walkable city. And if you have to drive somewhere, up goes your carbon footprint… but I still can’t bring myself to walk, inside, at home, to a tape. I just can’t do it.

    But if I ever change my mind, at least I’ll have this fbg review to go off of 🙂

  2. i actually did this work out. my roommate does it and i COMPLETELY agree with your assessments. lol good job!

    it’s one of those work outs where you break a tiny mini sweat at the end but feel guilty for it….corny stuff

  3. I pretty much agree with this review except I'd say it's okay for an advanced person who wants a nice "active" rest day. I work out 5/6 times a week with cardio and strength training and sometimes my body insists I take it easy – so this DVD is perfect for that. I put Les on Mute immediately and pump up my iPod. I use light handheld weights and a resistance band for the legs and, shockingly, can register an almost 2lb decrease in weight after completing this workout. However, I agree with Elizabeth in that I'd rather walk outside – now if only my neighborhood was safe…