What SATC Character Are You Most Like?

Yesterday, the Fit Bottomed Girls gave you the low-down on the Sex and the City’s official movie soundtrack. Now it’s your turn to weigh in on the four girls’ workouts. If you’re a fit bottomed boy, we love you, too, so give us your fave male celeb in the comments, pretty please! —Jenn

  • Samantha: I love the latest trends, hot yoga or just “getting down.”
  • Carrie: Walking around the city in heels is enough for me.
  • Charlotte: A jog in the park is all I need to burn off stress.
  • Miranda: I need an event like a marathon to train for or an annoying man to run away from.

Photo grabbed from www.photobucket.com.


  1. Jenn says

    EGN: AARGH! Hehe, yelling isn’t my style, so that was a bit forced, but you should start watching the episodes on DVD. Netflix is your friend. ;)

    Tish: At one time or another, yes I can see that. hehe.

    mizfit: Oooh, touché.

  2. WeightingGame says

    i’l say all of them, but prolly more like Charlotte (she seems to be the only one who works out on that show…that’s how she met Princess Dandywine Braownshnitzel or whatever that showdog’s name was!)

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