Ellen DeGeneres Cooks Up the Funny

Ellen DeGeneres can always be counted on to be hilarious and to tell it straight. In this clip, Ellen hosts Kym Douglas, author of the Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets. Kym is demonstrating tips on healthy eating, and Ellen is her usual hilarious self. Bonus: You learn that you can cook salmon in a dishwasher. Who knew!? —Erin

Can’t see the video? Go here.


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  1. hahaha- I saw this show and it cracked me up. It sums up my feelings about too many substitutions/the obsession with trying to make everything completely fat free/low calorie. EVERYTHING in moderation is key.

  2. Hehe this was great. I’ve seen the book at the store and flipped through it, it’s looks like its a really great book!

  3. This was fun! I’m a little skeptical about the toast (burning off sugar? really?), though. And the Benefiber. I’d rather just get my fiber naturally. But I do sprinkle cinnamon on anything I can, and I have one bright blue plate just for me.