Another FBG Fix

If you haven't had enough of an FBG fix for the day, head on over to Almost Fit. Jeremy not only featured our guest post there, but also said some very nice things that made us blush and clarified that, despite our scandalous-sounding name, we are, in fact, suitable for work. While you're over …
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Take a Hike


I'm not your typical vacation goer. I don't really do beaches or tropical destinations as I need enough Aveeno 45 to cover a small army. And I'm not one to be content laying around for seven days in a row. Two or three maybe, but longer than that and I go a bit mad. That's why almost every summer, …
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The Key to Life

It's hard not to like, okay love, Will Smith. He was adorable in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he was hilarious in Men in Black and Independence Day, and, dude, he wrote and sang THE summer song of all time: Summertime. But, Will Smith is not just a funny dude. He's wise, and I heart him. Below is …
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