When Do You Work Out?

As I discussed Monday, one of my greatest workout dilemmas is figuring out the best time of day to fit it in. I consider early morning workouts to be evil, but I know they work for some people. I tend to fit it in during the late afternoons, and on occasion, after dinner once I’ve digested a bit. What works best for you?
  • Morning. I’m an early bird, and I flap my wings early.
  • During the day. When the sun is high, so is my energy.
  • Late afternoon or early evening. I race to beat the sunset.
  • Late evening. I wear myself out before I hit the hay.
  • The wee hours between midnight and 6 a.m. If you choose this answer, you must comment and explain.



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  1. I am neither a morning person or a night person. Mid morning (10:00) is the best time of day for me. Unfortunately since I can’t work out then (darn job) I force myself to work out at 5 am, mostly because I hate the 2 shower thing. =p

  2. No option for me. I work out at all different times. Routine completely kills my motivation. Some days it is the morning, some days mid-morning or early afternoon and others at night.

    I just have to keep things interesting and take advantage of when I am in the mood or I’ll get bored!

  3. I normally work out with my trainer, whom I refer to as Colossus, in the afternoon or evening. But I prefer the morning myself… especially before I’m not quite conscious 🙂 Cheers! Jen

  4. Always at night! I wish I could get my lazy butt out of bed to go to the gym before I have to go to work, but it never works. The sleepy me doesn’t ever think it is important enough to wake up to work out… 🙂 Good survey question!!

  5. Morning most def! BUT I do all my cross training at night. For whatever reason I’m ok with getting up early to run but not to cross train?!? LOL