It’s New Year’s Eve! What’s in Your Glass?

Happy New Year's Eve! I've always loved this day. It's a day to reminisce about the past year, relive failures and successes, and it's a chance to look ahead at your life. I'm a huge nerd about setting goals and making detailed plans of how to get there (it's both a positive and negative trait at …
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Resolutions for 2009

I love the promise of a new year. And although my New Year’s resolutions are pretty standard year after year, it doesn’t stop me from continuing to make them. It’s a time to reevaluate what’s important and to re-emphasize what I want to accomplish in the year to come. To me it’s like hitting the …
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FitLinks: Week of Dec. 22, 2008

We checked out the best of the web so that you don't have to. Cheese rolling...aka falling down hills. You think your sport is extreme? Click here to feel like a wimp (especially the link in the cheese rolling segment—YouTube hilarity at its best). —PeopleJam Justification for drinking the …
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What Was Your Fave FBG Post of 2008?

Last Sunday, we gave you the nitty gritty on the most-read and most-commented on posts of 2008. Although not in the official running, my personal fave was Erin's Love Affair with Her Shorts or the review of The Complete Idiot's Guide: Sexual Health and Fitness. What about you? —Jenn What …
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♪ FitHits: Best of 2008


As the year winds down, it’s only fitting that we look back at the glorious year of 2008, so I've compiled a fun 2008 workout playlist. If you've been living under any rocks or haven't turned on a radio on in the past year, these are the songs you're guaranteed to have missed. And yes, I know, I …
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Merry Christmas from Around the World


Every Christmas I'm always touched by how people all over the world come together to celebrate on one day. Regardless of your faith, that's pretty freakin' cool. Just for fun, we've compiled a list of how to wish someone Merry Christmas in a number of languages. It's sure to give your mouth a …
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Fitness Carols


Tomorrow is the big day. You ready? I am, and the think-tanks over at FBG (okay just Erin and me) have decoded Christmas carols for you. For years we've thought that Christmas carols were about, well, Christmas. But turns out many of them have secret fitness messages. Check it: Frosty the …
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MP3 Player Winner!

Merry Early Christmas to tpartyx3, the lucky winner of last week's Sansa slotMusic MP3 player giveaway! Shoot us an email at [email protected] with your address so we can ship it to you. We hope it's a great motivator if you have any fitness-related New Year's resolutions! Thanks again …
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