Go Green and Save 17%!

Don’t have anything green and/or cute to wear for St. Patty’s Day? We have your solution: green Fit Bottomed Girl shirts! No matter what size or shape your fit bottom is, show your FBG-ness proudly for this holiday.
But the goodness doesn’t stop there. We’re also taking a whopping 17 percent off of all FBG store orders that total more than $25. To get the discount, U.S. residents need to enter MARCH39 and our Canadian friends need to enter CADMARCH39 at checkout. The good deal lasts from now until March 17.
Now that’s something worth raising your green beer mug to, eh? Erin Go Baragh! —Jenn


  1. Anonymous says

    You said no matter what size or shape your bottom is, get the shirt…well…it only goes up to a size XL…I guess ya gotta be skinny to work out!

  2. Jenn says

  3. eatingbender says

    Oh Anon…

    Thanks for the opportunity, FBG! I have been meaning to buy some of your pants and/or tanks for a long time. Fortunately, this deal lasts until my spring break! Once the craziness of this quarter is over, I can take more time to figure out what I want and place my order :o) Will you post a reminder closer to the date?

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, too!

  4. carla says

    thats REALLY cute.
    now if only I had some money :)

    how we gonna make this blogging thing pay off?
    **crickets chirping**


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