FitLinks: Week of March 23, 2009


Credit: audreyjm529

Spring has sprung! Take some time today to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and smell some flowers. But before you do, read these sweet links from around the web. We loved ’em and think you will, too!

Think you know your cals? Take the quiz for true braggin’ rights. —On Fitness

An amazing (and humbling) look at how the American dinner table differs from the rest of the world. —Time

Tips for transitioning your winter treadmill runs to the springy outdoors! —FitSugar

Six tips for better fitness Feng Shui. Plus, a great reason to redecorate your workout space. —NeverSayDiet

Katy Perry states what we all know is true. Gross as it may be. —FitCeleb



  1. Benjamin Teal says

    Great set of links. The Feng Shui article gets my brain working, I have been thinking about rennovating my gym for some time.

    The Katy Perry article just made me laugh! I love brutal honesty! :-)

  2. Jody - Fit at 51 says

    I found the links very interesting. The one on what is on different tables around the world was very eye opening!

    For me, the six steps for better fitness did not exactly coincide with what gets me going. I think some of this is an individual thing like the music you listen too (I like upbeat but older stuff since I am 51), I do like to read Oxygen & other mags to spur me on but I sweat too much to do that wile exercising & I do like the mirror for weight lifting. So, I think to each their own but it does gives ideas to people that might want to try something different.

    Katy Perry.. LOVED IT! Too funny!

  3. Ace says

    I got 100% on the “Know Your Cals” quiz!

    The KP article is gross, but it’s not totally surprising. As a yoga instructor, I’ve heard a lot of nasty bodily noises during class–it comes with the territory!

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