Running Pranks: I Hope This Isn’t Me

With my big half-marathon race just a day away (no, that’s not a typo. My race is really TOMORROW—ack!), I’m a mixture of nervous, excited, hopeful and terrified. My plan is to hit the hay at 9 tonight, and I’m really hoping that I can sleep, especially after seeing the below video. I know it’s a prank—and a hilarious one at that—but I’m not always the most coordinated of people, and I can easily see myself doing something similar (read: falling on my face) even sans the covered-up water pit. So, feel free to laugh at the hilariousness below, but please send me good (coordinated) running vibes. —Jenn

Can’t see the video? Click here.


  1. Jenn says

    All you guys are so sweet! But, I have to give you all an update. We have a big cold front/snow storm moving into the midwest, and it’s possible that my race could get canceled or rescheduled. ACK!!!

    Do you seasoned runners out there have any tips on how to train for that if the date does get pushed back?!

    (And for the record, if it does get totally canceled, I’m running it on my own. I didn’t train for 12 weeks to not run!)

  2. Dianna says

    Best of luck tomorrow!!! You will be amazing. I am going to a Jazzercise screening tomorrow. It’s step one in becoming a Jazzercise instructor. yay!!

  3. tfh says

    Oh no! Hopefully that weather forecast is just a huge prank? Can you find any nearby HMs on the calendar in the next couple weeks? I’m crossing my fingers it won’t be cancelled, but you could definitely hang on to your training (repeating a couple weeks) if there is a race in the next few weeks. Keep us posted! We did have a spring HM get postponed last year– I think they pushed it ahead a week. Anyway, as if running your first half weren’t nerve wracking enough– ack!

  4. Merry says

    positive running vibes
    sunny weather vibes
    non-prankian vibes
    positive running vibes
    sunny weather vibes
    non-prankian vibes
    positive running vibes
    sunny weather vibes
    non-prankian vibes

    lesso – Lesso this bad-weather forecast, moreo the good running thoughts!

  5. Dawn says

    You’ll do great! When the going gets tough, just think about all the hard work and training you’ve put in the months leading up to this race! It’ll give you motivation to push through and run strong! Really try to enjoy the experience! Now hopefully it won’t get postponed…

  6. Laura says

    you’ll do wonderful!! I don’t blame you for running even if it is cancelled. I probably would too.

  7. Jenn says

    Half marathon update: The race was canceled, but has been rescheduled for next Saturday. SO, I have another week to train. I’m thinking a long run this weekend and and then a short one next week plus yoga. Sound sane to you seasoned runners?

  8. Renae says

    Good luck! You are going to be JUST FINE! *rubs hands together and thinks of evil plots to do in her park*

  9. Crabby McSlacker says

    Oh shoot, that must be so frustrating that they cancelled it!

    You’ll just have to kick butt next weekend instead.

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