Health Lessons from My Dog

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, Jenn and I love dogs. Especially our dogs (that's mine pictured at left). And what’s not to love? Clothing covered in dog fur and toilet paper strewn about are a small price to pay for the many life lessons a dog will teach you.My pug, Marti, who wouldn’t survive …
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FitLinks: Week of April 13, 2009

Bored with Go check out these fresh and splashy sites on the web! Take a peek at these must-read blogs by women. Not only are we on there, but you might find a few new bloggy finds! —Blogtrepreneur Like your water low-cal...but maybe with a few or 10 cals? Try vitaminwater10. —College …
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♪ Katy Perry: One of the Boys

I tried to dislike Katy Perry for a long time. "I Kissed a Girl" was so over the top and supposed to be shocking and scandalous that it irritated the heck out of me. Plus, she routinely includes watermelons in her wardrobe. I love fruits, but come on. And then I started humming the darn song. On …
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★FitStars: Buns of Steel Star Tamilee Webb

I'm happy to introduce this month's FitStar—none other than Miss Buns and Abs of Steel Tamilee Webb. I probably don't need to give her background as she's well recognized as the pioneer of fit butts and abs everywhere, but let me give some facts, just because it's impressive. Besides a successful …
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Earth Day Sale in the FBG Store!


We plan on celebrating Earth Day next week with some serious enthusiasm. Not only will we be frolicking in the spring weather and walking versus driving to run our errands and get our daily exercise in, but we'll also be doing so quite fashionably in our new organic fitted T-shirts. The tees are …
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Home Gym, Wii Workout, and Dental Damage


Trade up your trousers, get a Gold workout and save your teeth. lucy Recycles Got some old workout pants you’d like to trade in? Now you can celebrate Earth Day and get some bucks off of some new threads. During the month of April, you can take your used workout pants into any lucy store and …
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