FitLinks: Week of June 22, 2009

Credit: D Sharon Pruitt
Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Don’t forget to check out these links from around the web (even if you have to tie a ribbon around your toe!) —Erin

Big Fat star takes on the boring (yawn) topic of her 40-pound weight loss. —AC360

Are those expensive sneakers the cause of your feet problems? This could save me some money… —On Fitness

Addicted to Facebook? Use it to track your daily steps and translate them to real-life adventures, such as walking the Golden Gate Bridge. —Reebok EasyTone on Facebook

No runner is perfect. Take this quiz to see if you’re making these common running mistakes. —Woman’s Health

Don’t sabotage your efforts! Avoid these diet missteps. —Self

A Year Ago on FBG

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