What’s Your Fave Nosh at Sporting Events?

Credit: TheBusyBrain

On Monday, I shared my love of the ballpark (and summer) with you. From hot dogs to nachos to Cracker Jacks to popcorn, the list of ballpark treats is long, and most of them aren't exactly good for you. Here at FBG, we're all about everything in moderation, which means that no foods are "bad" foods …
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Under Review: Surf Yoga Soul


I think it would be cool to learn to surf. I love the laid-back, beachy vibe and the Hawaiian prints. I’m also sure that surfing is a killer full-body workout. There’s just two minor problems for me: 1) Northern California’s water is a bit chilly, and even with a wet suit I’m pretty sure I would get …
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The 90-Second Fitness Solution!


The full title of The 90-Second Fitness Solution: The Most Time-Efficient Workout Ever for a Healthier, Stronger, Younger You isn't exactly catchy, but the idea of it is tempting. A 90-second get-fit promise? Most would say "sign me up, NOW." But not so quick FBGers...like anything that sounds too …
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Munchie Musts, Mindful Matters and Magic Milk

Chocolate milk is a far better choice post workout... Credit: House Of Sims

Splurges that are worth it, serious stress busters and a tasty recovery drink. Not-So Cheap Eats Everyone is cutting costs these days, but for those of us who cook at home a lot (which saves money and is good for your waistline, too!), it's sometimes hard to spring for pricey ingredients …
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DVD and Dole Fruit Gel Winners!

Last week, I fell in love with Cardio for Beginners with Petra Kolber, and Erin raved about Dole Fruit Gels as the perfect sweet snack. And then, because we love you, we offered the goodies over to you! While we had a TON of fabulous and deserving entries, we randomly selected two lucky readers to …
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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Credit: Justin Brockie

I love summer. Despite my inability to tan both naturally or artificially (oh the irony of having pale sunburn-prone skin and being allergic to sunless tanner), I love the warm nights, the extra daylight and the opportunity to wear flip-flops all day, every day. Instead of being cooped up inside, …
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FitLinks: Week of June 8, 2009

Credit: notsogoodphotography

Before you jump in the pool, splash around on these sites! Need an idea for Father's Day? You can't go wrong with Adidas! —Adidas Yoga inspiration is only a click away. Check out free hour-long yoga classes—a new one each week! —Yoga Today This blog will make your stomach growl. Thankfully …
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How Do You Work Out When Traveling?

Credit: Kossy@FINEDAYS

It can be tough to fit in workouts when you're on the road, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. But staying on track with exercise can help you fight jet lag, plus it's better than zoning out in front of the TV when you've been sitting in meetings for hours on end. Earlier this week …
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I Only Got Four Minutes…

I am by no means a fast runner. Sure, I can run a long ways, but I'm not winning any races. And despite my recent interval runs to increase my speed from 11-minute miles to 10- or 9-minute miles (speeding up this much, for me, has been an ironically slow and arduous process), slow and steady has …
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