Pee Envy


Pull up a chair, ladies. We need to talk about something kinda personal. Something you have to do every day. Something you have to do annoyingly often if you're as hydrated as you're supposed to be. Yep, today we're talking about p-e-e. Pee! "Pee envy" to be precise. If you've ever been on a …
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Exercise TV’s Bikini Body Makeover


If you’re in a workout rut or facing personal budgetary restrictions, listen up. Exercise TV’s website has you covered. While the site has tons of workouts available for download and purchase, it also has free full-length workouts, updated monthly. Jenn has already tested a couple of Exercise TV’s …
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Attack of the Organic Mutant Veggies


I love summer for a number of reasons. The sun, the flowy dresses, early morning runs in the daylight, warm evenings with a Bomb Pop dripping down my chin...summer rocks. Maybe it's the extra vitamin D or the warm weather, but I always drop 5 pounds this time of year (note: I always gain 5 in the …
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Shape DVD Winners!

While there were no gladiators or crazy gimmicks, it turns out that there were plenty of you itching to try Shape magazine's workout DVDs. There is something to be said about straightforward fitness, after all. After hours of deliberation—or, let's be honest, about 20 seconds picking two numbers …
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Micro-Manage, Drink Less and Go All Out

Credit: laszlo-photo

Happiness is a skill, energy drinks need more research, and the brain is ah-mazing. Think Happy Thoughts Want more joy in your life? Then start focusing on the little stuff. Researchers have found that people who appreciate the smaller things in life, such as a funny joke or a compliment …
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Now I’m Working Hard Enough

Credit: Rennett Stowe

It’s no secret that Jenn and I are regular exercisers. I mean, our site is about fitness. I’m no stranger to running or hopping on the elliptical or using my dumbbells and DVDs to get a good workout. So even before I started on my Equinox training endeavor, I had a pretty solid level of fitness. I …
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FitLinks: Week of July 20, 2009

Credit: foodistablog

Stay cool as ice on this July day by staying inside reading these FitLinks! Two Biggest Losers add a wee one to the mix! —People Bookmark this one. Fantastic tips about fueling yourself before and after your workouts. —The New York Times Well Blog Have a bun in your oven? Keep up with your …
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Do You Set Goals?

Credit: shuttermonkey

On Monday, we shared some tips for setting "SMART" goals—those that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Once you learn what's a good goal versus a not-so-great goal, it's easy to see why SMART goals are, well, smart. To get where you want to go, you need a plan and an …
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