Under Review: Piloxing (and a Chance to Try for Yourself!)

piloxing-1I love hybrid words. Fantabulous is one of my faves, as is ginormous. But combining Pilates and boxing to get Piloxing? Well, I just had to find out if the workout was as strange as the combo-word. Plus, I had a hard time imagining just how this workout would go down; I envisioned doing the dreaded Pilates Hundred while punching my dog. But I didn’t quite envision dripping with enormous amounts of sweat, which is actually what happened.

Viveca Jensen is the Swedish phenom being the Piloxing fitness craze. (It seems that a top requirement to making a workout DVD these days is having an accent—after being fit, of course.) The light ½- or 1-pound weighted gloves add to the challenge of the workout, not to mention increase the bad-ass factor. The gloves are sold separately, but I do highly recommend them, as they do increase the arm-sculpting power of the workout.

The 62-minute workout starts with a basic warm-up that combines a lot of reaching and squatting, plus some hip flexor and hamstring stretches to get the whole body warm. After the warm-up, the boxing begins. The workout basically alternates between your basic cardio boxing, and Pilates-inspired toning and strength portions. Basic punches, jabs, uppercuts and quick foot work get your heart pumping, and you actively recover with both upper- and lower-body toning moves such as leg lifts, squats, bicep curls, and balance and core work. You also combine the two disciplines at times, such as leg lifts with speed bags and punches.

A bit of mat work is included at the end in which modified push-ups are combined with leg lifts targeting the rear—definitely a challenge at this point in the workout. Ab work is also included, with highlights including the old faithful Pilates Hundred and twisting punches. Fortunately, my pug came out of the entire punch-fest unscathed.

While you can select different segments of this lengthy workout, there is no customizable menu to mix and match the sections to create a workout that fits your time constraints. Although that’s a drawback, I still thought this was a really well-rounded DVD. You get cardio, strength, balance and core work, plus it’s a fun new twist on the tried-and-true boxing workout. I also liked that it had the feel of a class you would attend, especially with the enthusiasm of the other participants of the video.

My only real beefs with the DVD was that the “formation” of the participants wasn’t always symmetrical, I think because of both camera angles and the talent themselves. It drove me a little nutty but wasn’t a deal breaker. Also, some of them wear shoes and some don’t. I get that it’s Pilates, which can be a barefoot activity, but with some of the hip thrusting and pivoting inherent to boxing, I didn’t risk going shoeless, even on carpet. Viveca’s alignment cues were good, but she was occasionally hard to follow as she counts in sets and sometimes ends before you think you’re done. Again, not a deal breaker for me.

FBG Rating (Out of 5)
Instruction: ★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★★★
Music: ★★
Fun Factor: ★★★
Meets Expectations: ★★★★
Overall: ★★★1/2

Fit Bottom line: If you get bored with regular Pilates or have ever wanted to ramp up a Pilates routine with cardio, this fun video is for you. —Erin

Dying to try out Piloxing yourself? We’re happy to help! Comment below or email us at [email protected] by July 9 for a chance to win a copy of the DVD and a set of the weighted gloves! U.S. residents only, pretty please!

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  1. Ivy says

    I've heard so many good things of this workout but never got a chance to buy it. I would LOVE to try this workout!

  2. Nancy says

    Sounds very cool. I'm always looking for new ways to change up my workout routines. Would love to try this out.

  3. Kimberly says

    This is the first that I have heard of this workout. But after reading your review, I am eager to try it.

  4. Anonymous says

  5. Shaina says

    Wow, I've never heard of this! But, I LOVE pilates, and I've always wanted to try boxing. So, sign me up! I'd love to try and win!

  6. Patricia Lupien says

    This could be fun. I really enjoyed sparring when I did Tae Kwon Do years ago.

  7. Anonymous says

  8. Anne says

    That sounds really new and interesting! I love trying out new fitness dvds, and it'd be great to give this a shot 😀

  9. Stephanie says

    I am a Pilates addict. Always looking for ways new ways to challenge my body. I am eager to try this and would also write a review if lucky enough to win

  10. Becca says

    Never heard of this before, but it sounds like it's worth checking out! And you're so right, the gloves are super bad-ass.

  11. snackpak says

    You're always finding the latest and the greatest! I'd love a chance at this!

  12. Jackie says

    Sounds interesting! Would love to try it out. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  13. lorrwill says

    Sure, I'll toss my name in the hat for the freebie. Especially since no puggy dogs were injured in the making of this review.

  14. Sarah Y says

    Neat. I did pilates earlier in the week and plan to Cardio Box this evening so this would be a combination…

  15. RickyRae says

    Very interesting combo…never thought about doing pilates with boxing gloves on…definitely keeps things interesting!

  16. Kristen says

    I would love to try piloxing, I am looking for new ways to spice up my workout. I love pilates and I love boxing so I'm sure I would love this!

  17. Kate says

    I'm a big Tae Bo and Mari Windsor Pilates fan…I'd love to try a combo of the two!

  18. J Coker says

  19. Erin says

    Ooh, ooh, pick me! This sounds really unique. Since my old faithful exercise bike has started to shake uncontrollably for some reason, I've really been in the market for some good DVDs.

  20. Elizabeth Jarrard says

    I would love to try piloxing!! ilove pilates and boxing and would like to see how she combines the two!!

  21. Cathy says

    This sounds like so much fun…would love to give it a try, I'm still doing Kathy Smith's pilates workout! LOL

  22. Nikki Stevens says

    Piloxing sounds like such a blast! It's definatly the kick up my workout regime needs:)!

    Nikki Stevens Fitness

  23. regina says

    there is only 3 minutes left of this contest…..last one standing wins …ding ding…match over…..( boxing metaphor) LOL :-) I think I am the last comment posted…..see I should win !!!! :-)