Stepping in the Wrong Direction


During my off days from training with Jayme, I’ve been trying out the huge variety of group exercise classes at Equinox. I’ve tried yoga classes, Pilates classes, and cardio and strength classes taught by Ms. Jayme herself (sometimes taking her classes back to back, whoa!). The classes have been …
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FitLinks: Week of Aug. 24, 2009


Like a bee to a flower, these flashy links caught our attention. From a hilarious take on working out to tips on saving cals and tightening your core (from yours truly, no less), we think you'll agree that these are totally bee-neficial. Har har. Yoga doesn't just make you bendy. It may also help …
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What’s Your Biggest Post-Workout Beauty Annoyance?


Yesterday, Jenn and I talked about a couple of the more superficial gym-related annoyances: runny makeup and stinky bags. I dream of a day when I can give a workout my all and walk out of the gym looking like nothing happened. Instead, I walk in fresh and walk out with my hair askew, looking like I …
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Cool Solutions for Girly Gym Problems


Guys, you can take a break from FBG today. That is, unless you want some insight into the trials and tribulations the ladies face on a daily basis: messy post-workout makeup, germy gym bags and cluttered purses. We know they’re not the biggest problems you could face in your life, but they are a …
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Mindful Munching


Whether you eat three square meals a day or six well-rounded ones, chances are you throw in a snack every now and then. I like my afternoon string cheese and nectarine combo, but that gets boring. Check out these lil' bites to spice up your snacking. Somersaults Even the names sounds like a …
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OJ Basket and Ruby Winners!


It's time to announce winners! We love giving stuff away, and from your enormous response to the giveaways, ya'll seem to like them, too. First up are the FOUR winners of the Tropicana fruit baskets that feature OJ, fresh whole oranges and a cute, one-serving glass. Those winners are lonetree72, …
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Pump It Up, Dining Buddies, and Reality Bites


Loud tunes can get ya buff, whom you eat with matters, and foodie judges work hard to stay fit. Play that Funky Music And play it loudly. New research suggests that pumping your tunes up may help you to work out harder, longer—and if you're lifting—stronger. In fact, the women studied who had …
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I’m a Little Hippity-Dippity

Credit: lepiaf.geo

According to one online Urban Dictionary, "hippity-dippity" is an old person's old person's euphemism for sex. Another one, and I'm not making this up, says, "A word that means 'please' but when anyone actually says this, most laugh at them." Just so we're not confused on what I'm talking about …
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FitLinks: Week of Aug. 17, 2009

Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Go scramble anegg for breakfast, then check out these links! A lot of people have gym quirks. Nine women—including FBG Jenn—share their workout rituals. —NeverSayDiet FBG on a list of most frequently praised blogs? Oh, thanks Cranksters! —Cranky Fitness A few harsh words for radishes and …
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