FitLinks: Week of Aug. 17, 2009

Credit: D Sharon Pruitt
Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Go scramble anegg for breakfast, then check out these links!

A lot of people have gym quirks. Nine women—including FBG Jenn—share their workout rituals. —NeverSayDiet

FBG on a list of most frequently praised blogs? Oh, thanks Cranksters! —Cranky Fitness

A few harsh words for radishes and cauliflower, but some good tips for hitting the salad bar. —AOL Health

A Biggest Loser contestant runs a big race. —Fit-Ink

The large soft pretzel makes cotton candy look harmless. —Fitsugar

We heart this sane approach to losing weight. —Green Mountain at Fox Run



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  1. At my gym, the treadmill with the fan (just 1) is always taken, so I know I will be striping down to my sports bra with my workout. I'm pretty modest but the treadmills face away from everyone and they get a nice view of your backside!! I got over that but still sweat! Oh well, it's cleansing, right?