FitLinks: Week of Aug. 24, 2009


Like a bee to a flower, these flashy links caught our attention. From a hilarious take on working out to tips on saving cals and tightening your core (from yours truly, no less), we think you’ll agree that these are totally bee-neficial. Har har.

Yoga doesn’t just make you bendy. It may also help you eat less. Neato. —WellSpring Life

Looking to cut some cals without knowing it? Check out these tips from the FBGs! —

Live in NYC and need a killer boot camp? Meet Stacy. —Stacy’s Boot Camp

Working out is the new crack. We tend to agree. —Luv & Kiwi

If you’d like a stronger core, then check out these tips from fitness bloggers. Including me at the end! (Why is watching yourself on camera sooo painful?) —The Juice


Do you have a fave link from the week? Share ’em in the comments! —Jenn

Photo courtesy of on aussiegall Flickr.


  1. basicallybaked says

    I loved seeing you on camera! You come across on line and on camera as a down to earth, "real", person. Thanks for the link, and the tip. Gotta do more of those planks!!

  2. Arzu says

    Ooh great links this week. I really liked the glamour and core workout tips (you were great in the video, Jenn). I read mizfit as well so it was cool seeing Carla.

    Luv & kiwi seems like a cool blog too, I bookmarked it =)

  3. Dorie says

    You rocked, Jenn! I'm anxious to check out the other blogs mentioned, but I doubt they'll be as much fun as yours! 😉

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