Are Your Shoes Sport-Specific?

Credit: Morten Liebach

Earlier this week, Jenn wrote about trying out the latest Puma workout shoes. While they're not hard-core running shoes designed for marathons, they're great for lighter jogs or gym workouts. I like to switch up my shoes depending on what I'm doing for the day. For the gym and training sessions, I …
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Scrub It Up, Break a Sweat


While this may be a little crazy, it's also crazily brilliant. I know there have been busy days when I've had to decide between cleaning the apartment and working out. But I've never thought about incorporating the two. It makes sense when you think about it. You're already working up a sweat and …
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Runners’ Highs (Plus a Giveaway!)


There's a lot of product out there in the running world. I recently hit up the Nike Town store in Chicago only to be dazzled by the large number of shoes, socks, clothing and accessories. (Yes, I succumbed to temptation and spent more than I, or a small nation, could afford.) Here at FBG HQ, we get …
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Space Snacks, Heatstroke Help, and the Divorce Dumps


What astronauts eat in space, avoid the dangers of overheating, and the toll of divorce. Moon Munchies Before, I was fascinated to learn that astronauts have to work out a couple of hours a day to help them maintain bone mass in a zero-gravity environment. Now I’m fascinated by what goes into …
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Pack Like a Pro

Credit: David Masters

Whether for business or pleasure, there are times when you've got to pack up that suitcase and hit the open road. And while you may have to leave Fido behind, there is no reason to leave exercise behind just because you're out of town! You might try to say, "Oh, but I have no room for my balance …
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FitLinks: Week of Aug. 10, 2009

Chop those tomatoes up! Credit:

The tomatoes are super tasty this time of year, but bite into these great, in-season links from around the web, too. They won't disappoint! Wow. 90 salads in 90 days. I love leafy greens, but I'm not even sure I could commit to that! —The Huffington Post Embarrassing running issues: I can …
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Are You a Pulp Person?

Credit: Leonid Mamchenkov

Jenn recently had a blast up in the Windy City learning all about the freshness that is Tropicana. She got her fill of the delicious juice and even got to brunch with some of our dear readers! While she was busy learning about how oranges turn into juice, I got to wondering about people's pulp …
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♪FitHits: The Artist Known as Prince

Credit: fred21gps

I love this photo of Prince. He seems to be nicely asking me to repeat myself because he liked what I said so much and wants to hear it again. What you missed before I started writing this post was me exclaiming to my husband: "One of our readers, Vicki, suggested that we do a Prince workout …
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