Memories on the Road

Credit: matze_ott

Some the best experiences from business trips I've taken involve unique workouts I've done on the road. Whether it's seeing the sights in a new city or getting kicked off a golf course while trying to go for a run, my favorite souvenirs are workout memories. Read on for my most memorable sweat …
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Injury Ideas, Live Long and Exercise Addiction


Train your brain, U.S. life expectancy increases, and excessive exercise may be addictive. Injury Prevention Thankfully I’ve never torn my ACL, but I’ve known a few people who have, and let me tell you, it’s not a knee problem I’d wish on my worst enemy. Seeing as how the anterior cruciate …
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Stepping It Up


So, remember that step class I tried? The Equinox one that was way over my head and had me spinning in circles and stepping in the wrong direction? Well, once I stopped laughing at myself and was able to catch my breath, I decided that I had to find out what the beginner Cardio Blast class was all …
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FitLinks: Week of September 21, 2009

Credit: chad_k

Sit back, relax and enjoy the fall weather while you "leaf" through these great reads. Har. Har. The Material Girl creates a workout playlist that gets the FBG stamp of approval! —Equinox If you've got a killer craving that you can't shake, try one of these teas. Tea is warm, delicious and …
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What Infomercial Fitness Product Would You Try?


Any good infomercial will have you convinced that its product will solve all of your problems. The Ginsu knife? At the ready when you need to cut through boots! The Showtime Rotisserie? Set it and forget it! The Smooth Away hair remover? No more razors ever! The ShamWow? I spill all the time! And of …
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Skechers Shape-Ups Shakedown

skechers shape ups

One of the newest trends in fitness footwear is shoes that will sculpt, shape, lift and tone just by being worn. I’ve been super curious about shoes like MBTs, FitFlops, Reebok’s Easy Tone sneakers and Skechers Shape-Ups for quite some time. And judging by the reader emails we get asking about these …
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