Forever Young, the Aerobics Era and a Real Model

Credit: Spigoo

Healthy habits get rewarded, aerobics falls out of fashion, and a women's mag puts a real woman in its pages (FINALLY). Fountain of Youth Want to look a few years younger? I, for one, sure wouldn't mind getting carded every once in awhile while buying a bottle of red. (Funny that getting …
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Running Up Quite the Bill

Credit: tangywolf

Now that I'm a couple of weeks into my marathon training, I've begun to notice a few things: 6 miles is now a "short run" to me, the days are getting insanely shorter (my 6:30 a.m. runs are no longer in the daylight—sad face) and my neighborhood is much, much more hilly than I ever realized. Oh, …
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FitLinks: Week of Sept. 14, 2009

golf ball

Hit the links! Not the golf course—the links below! Then you can hit the golf course and channel your inner Tiger. Battle the bulge to keep your marbles! — It's not just about the run! Tips runners should apply all day. —Runner's World Take a yoga break! Five poses for the cube or …
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Do You Race for a Cause?

Race Cause

Earlier this week, I publicly announced my intentions to run a full marathon. While I'm still in awe of this audacious goal (never dreamed I'd be a marathoner!), I'm motivated and energized because this time I'm running for more than myself (although, for the record, running for yourself is pretty …
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FitWit: FBG Remembers Patrick Swayze

As huge fans of Dirty Dancing and Ghost (heck, even Point Break rocked my teenage world), Erin and I were saddened to hear of the news of Patrick Swayze's passing. But instead of getting all gushy and crying to the line "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," (which I may or may not have done three times …
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★FitStars: Mindy Mylrea


Just look at her. She looks so cute. Perky. Innocent. But do not be fooled by her sweet exterior. Mindy Mylrea is certifiably bad-ass, and she will kick your butt in a hurry. I'm still grateful to the reader who pointed me in Mindy's direction. I tried her Action Packed/Interval Express workouts …
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Watch The Biggest Loser With Us!

biggest loser 12

FBG Jenn will be tweeting about The Biggest Loser two-hour premiere live starting at 7 Central/8 Eastern tonight! Follow FitBottomedGirl or search for the phrase #FBGBiggestLoser to see all the fun comments as we give our take on the show and—let's be honest—drool over Bob. We can't wait to see what …
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Knee Knowledge, Yogic Munching, and Active Errands

Credit: szlea

Keep on running, yoga helps with mindful eating, and walking about town. Run Away I’ve heard it, thought it and even attributed a twinge in my knee to tacking another year onto my age. But despite the common notion that running is bad for your knees, research may show evidence to the contrary. …
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Core Fusion Winner!


The Core Fusion Thighs & Glutes DVD thoroughly got my lower body burning. Now, reader Judy will get to see what the workout can do for her lower half. Congrats, Judy, and enjoy the burn! If you didn't win, have no fear! You can buy the DVD for a low-low price at Amazon! —Erin …
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