The Shake Down Before the FBG Makeover


As you might have heard, FBG is about to get one heck of a makeover this weekend. This whole place is gonna be different with new features, more frequent posts and easier navigation so that you can easily find the content you want to read the most. We're totally psyched. But while all this …
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Treats that Trick

candy corn

Like most holidays, Halloween offers the opportunity for overindulgence on sweet treats. After all, it’s centered around candy. Whether it’s the kids bringing home too much candy or being too prepared for trick-or-treaters, it can be all too easy to give into the candy corn and bite-size …
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I Ran Like a Girl


Spur of the moment, I had the opportunity to attend Nike's Global Running Summit and run the oh-so-popular (and rightly so) Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco. As Tish has already pointed out, Nike knows what's up. They wine you, dine you, dazzle you with new products, and let you pound the …
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FitLinks: Week of Oct. 19, 2009

Credit: re-ality

A few of the links we're digging from around the web! Don't fret about an extra pound or two. Carrying a little bit of extra weight can have its advantages. —NeverSayDiet Want a dream home gym? Me too! Share your fitness stories and enter to win great fitness prizes! —Life Fitness Fight the …
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What’s Your Biggest Running Issue?

Credit: Perfecto Insecto

Yesterday I shared some of my running problems and solutions with you. I love running and all it does for my legs, heart and state of mind (running is a huge stress reliever for me now), but it doesn't come without its challenges sometimes. From nagging over-use injuries to blisters on my heels, …
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FitEquip: Runners’ Edition (with a Giveaway!)


Now that I'm training for a major event and therefore spending more time at the gym running, I've noticed a few things. First, I stink. Second, I'll do anything to prevent injury. And third, chafing and blisters are an enemy that you have to proactively fight. The following three products have …
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★FitStars: Chris Carmichael


For those who follow professional cycling, Chris Carmichael is a legend. For those who don't, you're about to learn why he's a legend. Carmichael is most known as being personal coach to cancer survivor and seven-time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong, but he's also written seven books, …
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Eating Across America

Credit: puroticorico

 Credit: puroticoricoMy hubby and I (and pug!) recently moved cross-country. While we could have flown and been done in just a few hours, circumstances, family visits and the amount of stuff (and pug!) we had required us to do the distance driving. Even though we were able to break up the drive with …
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