Sweet Revenge, Mixed Messages and Soda Costs

Credit: √oхέƒx™

Sweets may enrage later in life, some fat confuses the brain into eating more, and the soda tax debated. Not Kids' Play So here's an interesting one: A recent study shows that kiddos who are given and indulge in more treats as youngsters have a higher risk of becoming violent as adults. …
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Creative Action

Credit: dMap Travel Guide

I’m finishing up probably one of the most stressful months of my adult life. More stressful than making the decision to move to the East Coast was actually MOVING. Thankfully, we didn’t have to drive a moving van across the country—I think that would have put me over the stress edge—but we really …
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FitLinks: Week of Oct. 12, 2009

Credit: Lara604

Take a bite out of these links from around the web! Break the fake baking habit! —U.S. News & World Report The latest on the Freshman 15. —College Candy If this is for real, it's insane. What 365 days of exercise can do for you. It also makes you more tan, apparently. —FitSugar Want …
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How Much Do You Spend on Workout Clothes?

Credit: Andres Rueda

I have been pretty public on how much dough I've shelled out for appropriate running gear, and you know how much Erin and I love lucy's workout clothes, despite their hefty price tag. While I always love a good bargain (Target, anyone?), I do enough working out to justify a high price tag every once …
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We Love lucy


The FBGs totally have a thing for lucy. Earlier this year, we tried (and loved) some of lucy's yoga gear, and recently we had the opportunity to review some of lucy's fall gear. Erin tried the Swift Knee Short and RPM Tank, while I put lucy's Propel Run Tight and Gazelle Seamless Half Zip to the …
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Just Doing It, Part 2

Photo by Jeff Vinnick

Something happens to you the minute you accept FBGs into your heart. The day I started sporting FBG gear I felt like I had to live up to the name. If I’d start whining about working out, that FBG T-shirt would remind me that I couldn’t fake the funk. I am a fit bottomed chick and fit bottomed chicks …
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Just Doing It, Part I


Do you remember the Nike campaign, Just Let Me Play? It was this genius Nike advertisement featuring little girls giving convincing arguments for why girls should play sports. It was inspiring, it was emotional, and it totally drove thousands of girls out into soccer fields, basketball camps, …
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Equinox Ends


Leaving California was tough. We uprooted ourselves to head to the East Coast, leaving not only friends we’d made in the two years we were there, but also the glorious weather and sites and sounds of Northern California. I was also bummed to walk out of my Equinox gym for the last time, leaving my …
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FitLinks: Week of Oct. 5, 2009

Credit: Amnemona

While you're out enjoying the beautiful fall fresh air, be sure to peruse these equally invigorating links. Pole burn? Now that's a new kind of workout soreness. —Time Out New York Need a place to plan and track your active life indoors and out? This online tool could be your new BFF. …
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