Obesity Blamed for Cancers

Credit: colros

Obesity is a punching bag, and it takes the blame for a lot of health problems. Now the American Institute for Cancer Research is pointing its fingers at obesity for causing some cancers. According to a recent study, more than 100,000 cancers are caused by excess body fat. And more than that, extra …
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It’s All Relative

Credit: mansionwb

First-time marathon training changes a lot in a girl. The ol' body starts responding in new ways (I'm  happy to report that even though I'm not weighing myself any longer, I have noticed dramatic changes in how fit my bottom looks), you pretty much plan your Saturdays for only running and eating, …
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Did You Stuff Yourself?

Every year I vow to not stuff myself at Thanksgiving. Because really, being stuffed makes Thanksgiving pretty darn miserable—all you want to do is park it on the couch and watch a football game that you barely have an interest in (or is that just me?). But, every year, I somehow can't stop myself at …
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FitLinks: Week of Nov. 23, 2009

Credit: robholland

Whether you're spending Black Friday hitting the sales, shopping online or just relaxing with the fam, be sure to take a few minutes out of the day for yourself and check out these must-read links! An awesome slideshow of eight trendy health foods and if they're worth the hype. —Never Say …
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Turkey Day Rituals

Credit: tsuacctnt

Last year for Thanksgiving, we reviewed a KILLER workout DVD that promised a huge calorie burn, which was, you know, totally appropriate for a day that is centered around food and watching football. Earlier this week, Erin gave some great tips for tackling the table on turkey day, but we also wanted …
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Kid Finds that Energy Drinks Don’t Work

Credit: ianmunroe

Have you ever chugged a can of Red Bull or Monster to help pep yourself for a workout? I haven't, but I'd be lying if I said I'd never been tempted. Turns out the temptation may not be worth it. Although the positive effects of caffeine (in coffee mostly) on workouts has been pretty well …
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Posh: Nike Gear


So you know how a few weeks ago we promised a proper Nike gear round-up review? Well, my lovelies, that day has come. Today we're reviewing a Nike gym bag, pair of running shoes and a sports bra. Nike gave us all the gear to try, but no sponsorship here, so you're getting the real dealio. So pull up …
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Looking Fly on the Olympics Medal Stand


I could not be more excited for the Winter Olympics. It's two full weeks of ALWAYS having something fascinating to watch on TV. Speed skiing? Sure! Bobsledding? Of course! Curling? What the heck! (I love watching bad reality TV shows, so it's nice to have something that my hubby and I can both agree …
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Turkey Time

Credit: xybermatthew

I commend people who can exercise portion control on Thanksgiving Day. You know, those will-power-of-steel types who don’t get tempted to go back for that second helping of stuffing or that extra piece of pumpkin pie. I admit that I am not one of them. I indulge more than is probably healthy on …
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Walk at Work

Trek_office1 (1)

We can all use more activity in our days, especially those of us (ahem: me) who have desk jobs and are parked in front of the computer screen day after day. Even though I'm training to run a marathon, I still feel sluggish sometimes at work just from the mere act of sitting all day. And that's …
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