Did You Stuff Yourself?

Credit: RealEstateZebra

Credit: RealEstateZebra

Every year I vow to not stuff myself at Thanksgiving. Because really, being stuffed makes Thanksgiving pretty darn miserable—all you want to do is park it on the couch and watch a football game that you barely have an interest in (or is that just me?). But, every year, I somehow can’t stop myself at one serving of grandma’s famous mashed potatoes and that darn pumpkin pie. It’s like my yearly reminder of how terrible eating past fullness feels. Thankfully, this year, per my marathon training, I ran 8 miles turkey day morning, thereby removing any and all guilt for eating a little extra. Although I do admit that I wish I had taken a couple fewer bites so that I didn’t get that side cramp while throwing the football around. How ’bout you?

Feel free to elaborate in the comments! —Jenn

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  1. GeorgiaMist says

    Nope — for once I didn’t stuff! We had TG dinner at my little sister’s home — lots of family there. I had about 3 oz. Turky and 2 oz thin-sliced ham… a few table spoons of greens, dressing, and a roll.
    I did good. LOL!

  2. Rebecca Regnier says

    Bad news – ate like it was my job Thursday AND Friday.
    Good news – Got it under control yesterday and today. I hate starting Monday thinking I blew it for 4 days straight. If it was just Thursday that I overeat I’d be thin.

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