Don’t ‘Fall’ Off the Fitness Wagon

Credit: basykes

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Back-to-school season always feels like the start of a new year—the time to turn over a new leaf as the leaves fall from the trees. I love the colors of the season, the reds and oranges as the trees change. I love the crisp feel in the air as I go out for my …
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Do You Care About the Number on the Scale?

Credit: austinevan

Earlier this week, Jenn lamented her marathon weight gain and swore off the scale until her race is over in January. Most of us have a number we like to see on the scale. I know that for me there is a number I see that will tell me that I need to increase my workouts or that I need to be eating in …
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FitLinks: Week of Nov. 16, 2009

Credit: Ben Werdmuller

If it's getting chilly where you are, pull up next to a roaring fire and check out these links! Fight the flu with exercise? I'll do anything to combat H1N1! —That's Fit Do you mean business with your fitness? Check out these workouts from real fitness pros. —MyBodyBeats Stay lean without …
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Mission: Beautiful


We've all had days when we get down on ourselves. Fat days, yucky days, ugly days. That's why I'm more than a little tickled to hear about Operation Beautiful. The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post uplifting, anonymous notes for other women to find. The mission's founder wants to end "fat …
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★FitStars: Celebrity Trainer Mike Heatlie

Mikey & Gwen2_2

Back in July, I had the pleasure of going to one of No Doubt's reunion tour shows. (Okay, I didn't just happen upon it. I'm a huge fan and was obsessive about getting tickets the exact moment they went on sale.) And I ended up sitting in the seventh row. And IT WAS AWESOME. Not just because I'm a …
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Sipping Scandal

bpa free bottle

It wasn't too long ago that BPA in water bottles was the new health scare. Used to make plastics, bisphenol A has been linked to a number of health concerns, from cancer to obesity to reproductive dysfunction. Scary stuff, no doubt. So everyone chucked their plastic squirt bottles into the rubbish …
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Out to Lunch

aladdin bowl

We all know how calorically dangerous eating out can be, and especially when it comes to lunch, eating out regularly can cost you a pretty penny. That's why I try to eat lunch in as much as I can. But I'll be honest, unless you're creative or always have leftovers that you can nosh on for lunch, …
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White Tea Time

Credit: chadao

I love to cozy up to a nice cup of tea when the weather starts to cool down. I usually reach for a cup of green tea or one of those fun Celestial Seasonings all-kinds-of-flavors tea combos, but new research might have me reaching for the white stuff. A recent study found that white tea extract …
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