What’s Your Favorite Workout DVD Genre?

I had a blast earlier this week trying out several new dance workout DVDs . I'm no dancer by any stretch of the imagination, but in the privacy of my own home, I'll bop and bounce and booty shake to my heart's content. Like Jenn has exercise ADD, I have DVD ADD, and I like to jump between hard-core …
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Hilarious Competitive Aerobics Action

AerobicsChampionship copy

The 80s were such a fun time in the fitness world, so we thought we'd flash back to the classic aerobics championships of yesteryear. This video is great, from the name of the group (the Bad Boys) to the booty slapping. Then there is the precision! The high kicks! The leg warmers on dudes! …
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FitLinks: Week of Jan. 25, 2010

Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

We think that these links are the sprinkles on top of the world wide web cake! Dr. Oz explains the science behind hunger and how to tweak it for easier weight-loss! —That's Fit Hey, we know this girl! —Fat Fighter TV This 61-year-old man changed running forever. Talk about amazing! —Elite …
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UnderReview: Dance ’til You Drop!


Nope, that's not the name of a workout DVD. Instead, it's what I've been doing in order to review three of the latest dance workouts: Dance and Be Fit, Dances of India and Dance with Julianne! Read on for a hip-shaking, booty-bopping round-up and a chance to win several dancerific workouts! Dance …
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Flying the Healthy Skies

Jenn and I love to come up with new ways to stay healthy while on the road. It's never fun to feel crummy when traveling, so use these tips from See Jane Fly to feel refreshed. I especially love this customized hydration tip, which tosses the eight glasses rule to the rubbish bin! Three Secrets for …
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Running Shoes, Shoes & Shoes!


We haven't done a shoe review in a long time, so we thought it was high time that we did so! Below the FBGs lace up three popular running shoes. The verdict? See for yourself below! New Balance Women's WR758 This pair of kicks was kindly sent to me by the New Balance folks who found us through …
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Diets That Work, Sorta

Credit: alancleaver_2000

Up in FBG land, we're not too big on diets in the traditional sense. In fact, we think diet is a four-letter word (and not the G-O-O-D kind), especially when it's highly restricted, regimented or low calorie. Food is good and tasty! So we always preach all things in moderation. However, in this …
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A Tasty Recovery & Giveaway!


Now that I have a marathon under my belt, I've become quite the pro about fueling before and after long, tough workouts. And today I want to tell you about three recent recovery products we received here at FBG HQ. (Say that three times fast.) Are they effective? Worth the price tag? Even remotely …
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The T-Bell Diet

Ditch the shell and go Fresco at Taco Bell. Credit: strangelv, Flickr

Taco Bell is probably not the first restaurant that pops into your head when you think of healthy eats. Even so, I wasn't at all surprised when I saw the promotion for the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet. After all, I've tried the chain's Fresco menu items, which nix the cheese or sauce in favor of fresh …
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The Next Chapter (& a Date with the Scale)


Now that I've completed marathon training (and ran the darn thing!), I have more free time on my hands. My Saturdays aren't dedicated to running, and I can have a glass of wine on a Tuesday night without having to pray to the running gods that it doesn't jack with my Wednesday morning run. This …
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