Hilarious Competitive Aerobics Action

fitreunion The 80s were such a fun time in the fitness world, so we thought we’d flash back to the classic aerobics championships of yesteryear. This video is great, from the name of the group (the Bad Boys) to the booty slapping. Then there is the precision! The high kicks! The leg warmers on dudes! Seriously, what’s not to love about this?

Embedding has unfortunately been disabled for the video (why they don’t want to spread this far and wide is incomprehensible) so you’ll have to click on the picture at left or go straight to YouTube. And yes, sirs, that is Alan Thicke as the host.

Update! After writing this initial post, I watched an episode of Tosh.0 that featured a reunion with the Bad Boys! So watch the original clip and then come back for this update:

I love their sense of humor about it, and I’m way impressed with how fit they’ve stayed over the years! —Erin

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  1. wow, they really should have been dancing to “Mickey” I was really diggin the leg warmers and capris LOL