What’s Your Favorite Eat-Healthy Chain Restaurant?


Without a doubt, my favorite chain restaurant for healthy options is Panera Bread. Sure, you can order some fantastically high-calorie options there (the brownies are amazing, but trouble!), but they've also got amazing soups and salads that are delish and won't rob the calorie bank. As companies …
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Eat Clean with Banana Date Breakfast Bread


Earlier this week we featured three yummy books, one of which was Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook. As you already know, I love the book for its healthy recipes and tricks and tips sprinkled throughout. And today we're sharing the yumminess with you! Below is the recipe for Tosca's Banana Date …
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FitLinks: Week of Feb. 22, 2010


Throw on your reading goggles and check out these fun links from around the web!  One year, 100 pounds. This blogger is on a mission! —The Root Need some moves for your stability ball? Watch this video! —Fitness On The Run The tricks of the supplement-marketing trade. Beware! —The Mighty Fit …
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More Fit Than Flop


The following is a post sponsored by Fitness Footwear. For our sponsored post policy, click here. The FBGs looove our flip-flops. Sure, they aren't always good on the feet, but this time of year, when the weather is still frigid in the northern part of the country, the thought of a pair of …
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3 Cookbooks We Love


We all know that eating at home is one of the best ways to make sure that what you're eating is healthy and low-calorie ('cause those restaurants are sneaky!). That's why we're reviewing not one but three cookbooks and food-related books today! All three will give you a bunch of delicious ways to …
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Can You Credit/Blame Your Mom for Your Body?

fall treats

It's a funny part of (mostly female) human behavior (mostly female): Pear-shaped ladies wish they had better legs, and apple-shaped lassies wish they had the abs of a pear. Oh, how the grass is always greener on the other side. But if you ever thought that your genes were to blame for your body …
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Eating Good in the Neighborhood


At some restaurants, it can be nearly impossible to find a healthy item. Sure, you can customize many entrees using phrases like "on the side" and "light on the..." and "substitute veggies for (insert less-healthy item here)." But isn't it easier for you (and the server) when there are already …
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You Are What You Eat After Exercise

All smoothies are not created equal. Credit: realSMILEY

You know the saying "You are what you eat?" Well, it rings true for everyday eats—and even more so for post-workout noshes, new research suggests. A recent study out of the Journal of Applied Physiology found that eating a lower-carb meal after exercising enhanced the body's insulin sensitivity, …
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A Housework Workout

Credit: Smath.

When my husband and I recently went from apartment dwellers to homeowners , we knew there was a significant amount of responsibility involved. Anything that requires dropping a chunk of change, signing your name in at least 50 places and having an end date of 2040 (gasp!) is not to be taken …
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