Everyone Poops (But No One Has to Know)

JustadropbottlesSo this is a bit of a departure from our normally news-oriented FitBits, but Jenn and I aren’t opposed to spicing things up a bit around here. Plus, we’re always game for some bathroom humor, as you may remember. So when we were contacted recently with the opportunity to try Just a Drop…well, we couldn’t exactly pass on it. The product is a bathroom-odoreliminator. And instead of using it post-go to get rid of any lingering smells, you put “just a drop” in the toilet pre-poo. The company claims that it traps and eliminates 98 percent of odors before they escape into the air.

Both FBG households tried it. And while the boys discovered that one drop just wasn’t enough (boys!), I can report that the product did make a difference. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch (that 2 percent must be key), but odors were in fact lessened. It was also nice that it didn’t have as obvious of an “I just sprayed because I just pooped” vibe to it. It comes in the smallest little bottle, so it would be easy to throw in your purse if you’re really self-conscious about public poos.

It’s made from a highly concentrated plant extract, so you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment. Not any more than your poo is polluting it anyway. And with eucalyptus, floral oasis and refreshing spring flavors, you really can’t “go” wrong.

And you guys KNOW that we wouldn’t review something like this and not give you a chance to try it! Comment below for an opportunity to win some Just a Drop of your own. You know you want to. (U.S. residents only, please!)

Flush it.



  1. nellie says

    Ha! This has to be your best give away ever!!! 😉 However, it seems like it would be practical for certain men in my life…

  2. Jill says

    You haven’t been to my house — my hubby is able to wake me up from a sound sleep from his smells. Our house will surely benefit!

  3. e says

    this could quite literally save my relationship w/ my boyfriend 😉
    i (well, really, he) NEED this!

  4. Janet says

    OMG…this is too funny!! This would totally come in handy when certain friends come and visit!!!

  5. Courtney says

    That is hilarious!!! I laughed out loud on the “I just sprayed because I just pooped” comment. So funny.

  6. Krissy says

    Sounds pretty awesome! Especially when you are having guests over! That’s always a little embarassing!

  7. Joy says

    This made me laugh out loud WHILE drinking water. The result was as expected. :)
    Love to give this a try (public poo-phobic!)

  8. TJ says

    This is perfect when house guests take over. And it can hopefully prevent those embarrassing moments when you’re exiting a stall just as someone is making a beeline for it…

  9. Betherann says

    You KNOW I want to try this…especially since I have Crohn’s and thus poop profusely. Almost prosaically. (Am I allowed to talk about bowel movements like that?) Anyhoo, thanks for an excellent and intriguing giveaway!

  10. A says

    I have poo-pourri its an organic spray that does the same thing, but would love to be able to compare to see which one works the best. Besides then my husband can take one with him. :)

  11. Jenn C says

    OMG! I think it’s so kewl that you reviewed this. Not a bad idea, especially if it’s made out of plant extracts. It would be better than a lot of those aerosol sprays that make me gag!

  12. Rebecca says

    1 bathroom, 1 husband, 2 teenage boys. This would come in so handy fir when we have the “poop Olympics” ( when the bathroom is occupied and stinky for hours on end)

  13. Angela says

    Would be perfect for my office and our public bathroom. There’s a few people I would love to give this too.

  14. Addy says

    My poop smells like an old man named Stanley Earl….This stuff would be fun to try :) lol

  15. Molly says

    This is hiliarous! Every year my girlfriends and I have a Christmas party, this can be one of the stocking stuffers if I can fend off giving them by then. We always do funny gifts with lots of dirty humor. Love it!

  16. pat h says

    I would love to win that1 There are dcays that when my hubbie leaves the ‘throne room’ a can of spray just doesn’t do

  17. Janeen says

    As the lone female in a male-dominated office (gotta love construction!), I don’t really need them to “know” what I’m doing in the unisex bathroom in our cramped office trailer. Yes, me + 5 men in ONE office… TRAILER. I could so benefit from this product LOL Thanks for the review!!!

  18. Angela says

    Great review! I can think of several people I’d like to gift this to (myself included!). :)

  19. korrie says

    I am the only female in my house and after they come out of the bathroom . .. .well lets just say i feel like i might pass out!!

  20. Dana says

    Excellent!! This would really come in handy for the unisex bathroom at work! Police department bathrooms aren’t exactly known for their cleanliness! I wonder if it’d work to absorb the smells in our gym?? Those smells are almost as bad.