Crème Brûlée: Fancy and Heart Healthy!


Crème brûlée is one tasty dessert. But I'd hardly consider it to be a healthy dessert option. However, miracles happen. Case in point: This heart-healthy version of crème brûlée from Florida Juice. This and other orangey recipes can be found here, including one yummy-looking Butternut Squash Soup …
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FitLinks: Week of April 19, 2010


Fasten your diapers and get ready for a butt-load of websites that are great pregnancy and baby resources! Diapers, butt-load. Oh, how I crack myself up. Jenn and I are already big fans of SparkPeople. But its baby/pregnancy site is a fab resource. I've even been doing their pregnancy workout …
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Self-Defense Smarts


If you've never taken a self-defense class, it's high time you get yourself enrolled. It seems like a very glass-half-empty thing to do, but I say better safe than sorry. I took a two-hour class a couple of years ago and had a great experience learning techniques to defend myself should the need …
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★FitStars: Bob Greene


Ya'll probably know Bob Greene best as Oprah's personal trainer, but Mr. Greene is everywhere these days. He's got books, a new workout DVD (which we'll be reviewing tomorrow—woo hoo!), and a whole new line of popular Best Life foods. The man is busy. We recently had the opportunity to chat with …
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The Fat Wars

I've been hearing a lot lately about how our war on fat may be hurting us instead of helping. There are tons of low-fat and no-fat items, but they're obviously not making all of us skinny. Or healthy. Now, some studies are showing that diets that contain more fat—including saturated fat—aren't …
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Noshes to Keep Your Stress Away

Slice of Life Gummy Vitamins

Life is stressful. But did you know that what you eat can actually help you manage stress better and stay healthy? It's a true story. And here are three products that we recently discovered that will help you stay sane. Stress Shield Did ya'll know that 75 percent of the general population …
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Get-in-Shape Moves


For many, New Year's Day kicks you into get-in-shape gear. For some, the possibility of having to don a swimsuit in just a month or two gets you motivated to move. Summer may be just around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to tone up before you hit the pool. Plus, these five exercises …
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To the Moon!

bike seat

A few weeks ago, I hinted that I had an upcoming super-fun event of mountain biking, yoga and running to attend.And I'm happy to report that—injury and all—I was able to go and kick ass. Okay, so I couldn't run, and my foot cramped up on the road bike so badly that I ended up biking a full 10 miles …
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What FBG Apparel Do You Want to Look Fly In?

green FBG shirt

As many of our astute readers have noticed, the FBG store ain't right lately. Sure, we still have a large selection of jackets, sweat pants, cotton Ts, undies and more, but one very important apparel item is missing: the performance T. Turns out, our store vendor has stopped carrying the shirts that …
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