Attention All Bloggers!


Jenn and I are usually a bit crazy about our content. We frequently hear from writers who want to submit guest posts, but we rarely take anyone up on their offers. But now we're changing our tune for an upcoming Blogger's Week on FBG! We'll also be considering posts for our upcoming Fit Bottomed …
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Wax On, Wax Off

Credit: khatawat

Before I realized how injured I really was, I was mistakenly still working out post-marathon. I thought that as long as I didn't run, I would recover and be fine. We've since found out that was flawed thinking, but I had a good month or two there where I embraced my new non-running freedom with new …
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Do You Like to Sweat?


Notice, I didn't ask if you like to work out. I asked if you like to sweat. Earlier this week, Jenn let us know that she doesn't mind getting herself a little sweaty for a good cause—a good cause being a heart-pumping workout. I don't mind a sweat either, as it serves as proof that I worked hard. …
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FitLinks: Week of May 24, 2010

So I have no funny or clever reason why I'm using this photo to showcase some links that we love. I stumbled acrossthis little guy and can't stop ooohhhing and aaahhhing over him. You probably can't now either. Once you're done, check out these links! Do this, not that in yoga. —That's Fit …
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A Vaccine to Stop Smoking?

Credit: R'eyes

We've all heard (or know first-hand) how hard it is to stop smoking, but what if there was a vaccine that made it easier to quit? A vaccine that actually stimulated your immune system to generate antibodies that would latch on to nicotine in your smoker's body and prevent it from ever entering the …
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Taking Care of Business

trim treads

Once you've acquired the basics for a workout—a good bra, comfortable clothes, good shoes—you can start going after the fun extras I like to refer to as "the toys." Toys fall into all areas of the fitness world. More than anything, they keep things fun and new for me, which is a must for my …
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The Pet Obesity Epidemic?

Credit: Beth Rankin

We all love our pets. Those four-legged furry 'nimals have a serious place in our hearts. But are we too good to them? According to the latest stats from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention's National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Study, we definitely spoil them too much in the food …
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