FitLinks: Week of May 24, 2010

Credit: mikebaird

So I have no funny or clever reason why I’m using this photo to showcase some links that we love. I stumbled acrossthis little guy and can’t stop ooohhhing and aaahhhing over him. You probably can’t now either. Once you’re done, check out these links!

Do this, not that in yoga. —That’s Fit Canada

Sick of your workout DVDs or Wii fitness games? Swamp ’em! –

Moves to keep exercise on your itinerary when traveling. —

Dr. Oz puts popular butt-toning fitness products to the test. —The Dr. Oz Show

Twenty ways lifting can transform your life, body and mind—preaching to the choir here! —

What’s the best thing you read all week? —Jenn

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