9-to-5 Comfort


If you work in a cubicle and spend most days sitting at your computer, you know how tense your shoulders can get and how uncomfortable carpal tunnel can be. Take these tips from the Sports Club/LA’s SportsMed team to optimize your work environment and make the days spent at your desk a little more …
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Posh: Shoes for All Sorts


Jenn and I hear about so many new products—especially shoes—that there is just not enough time in the day or room in our closets to cover them all. We usually cover the most fitness and workout-oriented shoes, but sometimes kicks fall into our laps that are worth a mention even if they're not our …
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Would You Like Heavy Metal with Your Protein Powder?


And I'm not talking about music to wake you up in the morning. I'm talking mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead—in your protein powder. Yikes. The fine folks over at Consumer Reports investigated 15 protein drinks and found that all of the drinks in the test contained at least one sample with one …
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Nosh: Steaming and Crunching

healthy choice cafe steamers

Two new noshtastic products landed in the FBG kitchen recently (courtesy of the manufacturers): Healthy Choice's Café Steamers and Beanitos. Here's how the tasting went... Healthy Choice Café Steamers I'm a bit of a frozen-meal connoisseur. Back when I had to go into an office to work (gasp!), …
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Stars, They’re Just Like Us!


I usually get a little gaggy when I see a magazine cover about the bikini bodies of celebs or stories on how so-and-so lost 20 pounds in just one hour. But I always celebrate when "bikini body" coverage talks about how hard celebs work to maintain their figures. After all, we know there is no way …
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Beat Stress, Weigh Less


These days, it seems that everyone is stressed. We all have too much to do and too little time to do it. Times are tough, money is tight, and deadlines are imminent. What happens when you're stressed? You tend to eat more, sleep less, skip the gym and feel rundown. No wonder so many of us are …
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Are You Comfortable at the Gym?

woman flexing muscles

Earlier this week Jackie Warner gave us some great tips on feeling comfortable at the gym and following proper exercise etiquette. I remember the first time I was at a gym, I was a bit freaked—all that huge, scary equipment! But as time went on, I learned how to use it, and I refused to …
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UnderReview: BabyFit.com


Throughout the course of my pregnancy, I've been testing out pregnancy workout DVDs, reviews of which I'll start including over at Fit Bottomed Babies once the new site launches (July 12! Mark your calendars, folks!). It's been interesting to try new DVDs as the belly gets bigger because each …
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FitLinks: Week of June 21, 2010

beautiful ocean

Wanna get away? Let these links take you to new fitness-enlightened places! Carrie Bradshaw's workout? Flex and the City, of course. —Yahoo Shine One show we're totally DVRing. —That's Fit This only makes us love Bob Harper even more. —LA Times Salads are an awesome and totally healthy …
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