Do You Buy Organic Freggies?

grape tomatoes

We love, love, love our fruits and veggies up here in FBG land. And although we give extra special love to organic "freggies," we understand that organic usually means more expensive. Which totally stinks! In the summer, I'm lucky enough to grow a lot of my own veggies and therefore control what …
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Always Mess with Their Minds

kiss biceps

If anyone can name that headline quote, you rock. Today's FitWit is a hilarious example of "always messing with their minds." It reminds me of the email forward circa 1999 or so about 20 Ways to Annoy Your Bathroom Stallmate or the one about annoying your college roommate that my roomie and I found …
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FitLinks: Week of July 26, 2010


Ahhh summer. The hot sun, the green grass and the lazy days spent reading out in it. So take your laptop outside, slap on those shades and relax with these sunny links from around the web! So many fitness apps, so little time! —CBS News Talk about inspiring: Two brothers lose almost 300 pounds …
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Create a Weight-Loss Spa—at Home

weight-loss resort

  We've all heard about those fancy spa and fitness resorts where you travel to a beautiful part of the country and spend a week or so eating only delicious, organic food, working out with fun and unique activities, and spending a lot of time just relaxing with a massage or some …
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A Government Color Up?

dye in water

Oh, there's nothing worse than finding out you've been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and most especially tricked into devouring tartrazine-infused mac & cheese.(Sounds fancy, right? It's really just a nerdy way of saying yellow dye.) I made this "straight from mama's kitchen" dish the other night. It …
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Iron Girl Triathalon Giveaway!


I'm surrounded by endurance athletes. Jenn and Tish both cranked out a marathon. My younger brother is running marathons in under three hours. And he's even inspired my older brother to run the 26.2 as well. I'm thinking it would be fun to train for a 5K once I'm ready to start a new exercise …
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Breakfast Foods That’ll Get You Out of Bed

Almond Capp

I love, love, love breakfast. However, I also love the snooze button. So sometimes in the morning, between rushing to get to the gym, then getting ready, then making it to work on time, breakfast is rather, er, chaotic. (And I don't even have kids! Ack!) Which is sad. Because breakfast rocks, and …
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The Dirty Dozen & How to Clean Them Up

bowl of cherries

A few weeks ago Erin reviewed this eye-opening book. While we've already discussed the book itself, we thought that some of its information was too good not to share with the FBG masses. Including publishing the author's so-called "dirty dozen" that are highest in pesticides and are also sadly all …
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Hula Hoop it Off

Hoop Dreams

I know one thing for sure when it comes to Erin and Jenn, they're far from boring. When the bosses gave me this assignment I had to make sure I heard them correctly. "You're going to let me hula hoop?...This counts as a workout?!" I felt like for once I was getting over on the two. Sure, I'd …
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