A Government Color Up?

dye in water

Credit: Tamara Manning

Oh, there’s nothing worse than finding out you’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and most especially tricked into devouring tartrazine-infused mac & cheese.(Sounds fancy, right? It’s really just a nerdy way of saying yellow dye.) I made this “straight from mama’s kitchen” dish the other night. It warmed my soul. Now I’m learning that warm sensation might just be my adrenal glands spazzing out.

Turns out the folks from the Center For Science in the Public Interest have been wagging fingers at the FDA for years concerning food dye’s harsh effects. (Don’t even get them started on Red 40!) At this point, I’m either finding dye-free products or I’m moving to Britain. Knowledge is power.

Have you ever witnessed the change after a kid consumes a product containing red dye or had a reaction yourself?

Tartrazine-free please!!!



  1. Kelly says

    Absolutely. My son has a couple food allergies, and is a generally sensitive kid, and I can see the effect (especially red) after he eats certain foods. I’m pretty sure cherry waterice would taste just as good (or better) if it was only pale pink– why force the ultra-red coloring?

  2. TwoDiffSock says

    try Annie’s Mac & Cheese. it comes out of box, organic & NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING! a few flavours. Hope This Helps

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