Iron Girl Triathalon Giveaway!


Credit: BotheredByBees

I’m surrounded by endurance athletes. Jenn and Tish both cranked out a marathon. My younger brother is running marathons in under three hours. And he’s even inspired my older brother to run the 26.2 as well. I’m thinking it would be fun to train for a 5K once I’m ready to start a new exercise routine and lose the baby weight.

While a 5K seems doable without being crazy (especially with a baby!), one endurance event that makes me cower in fear is the triathlon. But I know some of you readers are hard-core athletes, training as I type for events like the Iron Girl triathlons, of which there are multiple events around the country coming up.

And just in case you’re in need of some inspiration, we’re giving away a gift bag loaded with goodies to help your triathalon endeavors and post-workout pampering, thanks to Iron Girl and Fitness magazine. We’re talking foot soak, body wash, socks—and the opportunity to sign up for an upcoming race in Lake Tahoe, Calif., Boulder, Colo., or Racine, Wis., with a friend. Comment below for a chance to win the goodie bag and be sure to check out Iron Girl for loads of triathalon tips and inspiration!

Iron will.



  1. Kayla says

    I’ve been thinking about training for my first triathlon soon. Maybe this will give me that extra bit of push I need to commit to it!

  2. Robin says

    Thanks for the giveaway. I have to be honest, no triathlon is in my future unless we win the lottery and I can train for hours day. I’m proud of the 5K I did last year, I’ll leave it at that.

  3. Stacy says

    I’ve completed 6 sprint tris, but want to do more. Some new stuff would be a great reason to “tri” harder.

  4. Ivori says

    I would love to win the giveaway !
    I exercise for an hour a day using Exercise TV, trying to get my body into it’s peak fitness.
    I have come from 275 pounds to 139 in a little under 3 years :)

  5. Jessica Imamura says

    I am doing my first marathon this year and will be moving into do triatholons. I would love to win this because then I can take my good friend Tamarynn with me, and she just did her first Ironman 70.3 this year. It would be such a wonderful experience for both of us. I am really crossing my fingers here.

  6. Carrie says

    What a fantastic opportunity – I just did my first “triathlon of doom” and hope to do another one soon!

  7. Catie says

    I would LOVE to do another triathlon! I just finished my second and another would be amazing.

  8. lindsay says

    I’m on the edge between signing up for a tri this year or putting it off until next – this might be the big push!

  9. Amanda says

    I just did my first triathlon last week and it was amazing and I signed up right away for one in august… cant wait for it! A goodie bag would be perfect!

  10. Janet says

    Yes…always helpful and inspiring to be around people who go for it and push themselves to the limit…wow…I’ve done a marathon but a triathlon (considering I’m not a great swimmer) would def be a great goal for me :-)

  11. Ed says

    Ooo ooo! Me me! I’m doing my first tri in August and I’m so excited! Someday (far far in the future and perhaps in an alternate universe :)), I want to do an Ironman, but right now it’s all about baby steps!

  12. tere johnson says

    Not Tri in my future but I am about to ride 50 miles to raise money for a breast cancer benefit ride. Have a goal to ride the 220 in 2011. pick me!

  13. AlexandraFunFit says

    I lick my weights a little, just before wiggling them about a bit. Works for me – I can outlast and out strength-train my university students, and I’m 51. I don’t do running marathons. Why run if there’s a car available? Walking is nice, though. Gives me time to play my perpetually-uncharged iPod and check my anemic walking pace (okay, that was it for an iron joke). Enjoy.

  14. Lynn says

    I just signed up for my first tri (sprint distance). It’s the See Jane Run tri on Sept. 25th. I’ve never competed in any athletic event, not even a 5k, but I am very excited to be taking on this challenge. I love being strong and fit and having fitness goals helps me stay that way.

  15. Melissa says

    I love irongirl. I was a participant in the Clearwater Florida event. It was such fun!

  16. Lupe Duran says

    I would love to win this package, I’m starting to walk but i plan on moving on to running!!

  17. roxanne says

    Have never done a tri, but plan to next year. I am going to do the Irongirl Duathlon in Bloomington, Mn this fall. I am so excited. I cannot wait to cross that finish line.

  18. Kelsey says

    I’m so excited – my dad and I just signed up for our first tri in October! We’re both runners, so this is an exciting new challenge for us. I hope I win this package! Thanks FBG!

  19. Amy says

    I would really, really like to win this package. I have been training for a triathlon for over a year. With the help of your web site and some of the GREAT suggestions, I have learned from you, I am confident that I will succeed in this triathlon. If I am not chosen, I just want to say a “big thanks” for all your time and hard work! I look forward to reading you post everyday. You have been a big inspiration to me. THANKS!

  20. nellie says

    After years of only running, I’ve been wanting to try a tri for some time now…I just need to get started!

  21. Nykia says

    I have been running for a while.I want to do a tri but i think im going to focus more on a 5K

  22. Julie says

    I am doing a couple of half marathons this fall and am planning to try a tri next spring for a new challenge!

  23. Evie says

    I am thinking about doing a September triathlon…this would be just the thing to get me motivated! I am running a marathon in October, too.

  24. Emi says

    I’m getting ready for my second sprint of the summer in two weeks and feeling healthier than ever. I’d love to do an Irongirl next year!

  25. Sarah says

    What an awesome giveaway! It’s going to take me awhile before I’ll be ready to do a triathalon – right now I’m training for my first 10K! But it’s definitely something to aim for. For me, doing a triathalon would be the ultimate test of fitness.

  26. kelly o says

    I want to do a triathlon but I feel so slow in the water. I need to get over that somehow!

  27. RunToTheFinish says

    fingers crossed I want this!! I am in the process of finally starting to train for a tri and it’s terffing and exciting. I mean i can do a marathon so surely I can figure this out…but it’s something new so it’s scary!!

  28. Jessica VZ says

    I’m loving my running and think this would be a great thing to keep me going, plus, who doesn’t love foot baths? Oh I do. I do. What a wonderful giveaway for whoever wins!

  29. jessica says

    i am starting the cough to 5k challenge and would love to win this goodie bag!! i am new to running and this sounds like the perfect incentive to keep me going!!!! thank FBGs for all that you do!!!!

  30. Amber says

    After recently finishing my first Tri (olympic distance) I completely understand that fear. I panicked in the water but was still able to finish. I am contemplating signing up for a full Ironman! This would definitely make me feel good!

  31. Hannah says

    I would really love to win this giveaway for a couple of reasons. One-I want to do triathalons and amd trying to get all the gear I need, along with hiring a swim coach & a bike coach. Two-winning this giveaway would help me so much in accomplishing my goal! What could be more perfect?

    Thanks for all the fit news!


  32. Annie says

    My boyfriend has been my inspiration, completing multiple triathalons and a full marathon. He will be gone for work for the next 2 months and I want to surprise him with my improvement in my workouts. My goal of doing a triathalon with him could finally happen with this giveaway! I’m a pediatric nurse and I’m planning on raising $$ for a child’s foundation when I do the event :)

  33. Kerry says

    I just finished my second marathon & for some insane reason I just want to keep going. I’m currently training for a local half marathon & have been training with some friends who are venturing into duathlons & tri’s. I’m now getting motivated to dip my feet (even with the missing toenails at the moment) into those types of competitions. This giveaway sounds awesome!

  34. Taylor says

    I would love the giftbag!!! My hubby and I would like to train for a marathon but aren’t sure how to go about it??? Guess I should start anyways!! :)

  35. Jamie says

    Wow, after running 6 marathons, I thought I would try a tri – and it was a blast! Except for the part that I came in last, due to bike, um, issues. Boo to that! But I totally want to do another one!

  36. Shelby says

    I am running my first half marathon at the end of August and I’m soo nervous & excited! Next on my list is definitely a tri!