Two Exciting FBG Announcements!

FBG Jenn and Erin

Things have been crazy good and crazy busy up here in Fit Bottomed Girl land. As if Erin giving birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl and FBG adding a nutrition expert to the team site wasn't amazing enough, we have two more fun things to share! 1. Let us help you lose weight! We're …
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Rinse, Repeat…Go Fast

Credit: in-boulder

The body is an amazing thing. And the mind is even more amazing, exercise physiologists are learning. A recent study out of the University of Birmingham found that when elite cyclists were riding for more than an hour, a simple rinse in the mouth of a carbohydrate-drink (think Gatorade or …
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Getting Fit with fitbook


Goals rock. Whether it's running a marathon or simply aiming to work out three times a week for 30 minutes, it helps to have a plan, a destination and a reward for reaching it (hellooo massage). And no matter how good of S.M.A.R.T. goals you set, it helps to have a buddy and a tracking device in …
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Want a Better Butt? Try “Glidewalking”

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back

So, just about everybody wants a fit and strong booty, right? While squats and lunges are great for that, everybody seems to want a quick fix these days (remember us trying these sandals?). However, a new book claims that just walking in a specific way will get you the booty you've always wanted. …
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Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When You’re on the Road


When you’re traveling for business, you’ve got a lot on your mind—whether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned pro. From remembering the memory stick that is storing your important presentation to remembering to pack your lucky suit, fitness can definitely take a backseat on the priority …
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Not a Runner? Tips to Become One!

woman running

Running is an awesome, rewarding exercise. However, for the novice, lacing up those running shoes and hitting the pavement can be kinda scary. After all, only freaks actually like to run, right? Well yes, but we think that everyone should be a freak. Running is just that great! The good folks …
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What Food Begs to Be in Your Belly?

Set a new goal, like eating a new veggie, for every month of the year! Credit: Augapfel

Earlier this week Jenn unveiled how she loves to nourish her body with noodles.  Health food isn't the brick of white plain tofu and stale rice cake of yesterday. Foodies and some restaurants and chefs have gotten quite clever and  innovative with recipes so that you and I can make the commitment to …
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FitLinks: Week of Aug. 16, 2010


Want some groovy links from around the web? Here you go, chicks! Puma promotes Project Pink to support breast cancer awareness. Pow! —PUMA Five fab frozen finds! —Yahoo! Shine The low-down on fair fare: Avoid the fried butter. What!? —That's Fit Step up your walking workouts! …
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Country Hip-Hop Hilarity

country hip hop

Every once in awhile, we come across something that is so odd and unique—and hilarious—that we have to share it with the masses. I credit the hysterical and lovely Rachel Wilkerson for bringing this gem to us. It's a short yet bizarre dance video that combines two dance styles that should really …
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Tunes for Teens


I know we've been talking a lot of babies around here lately, but let's not forget what happens when babies grow up: They become teens! (Cue scary organ music, dun dun DUN.) It's oh-so-important for kids to be active (especially as teens, research shows), so anything that aims to get teens …
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