Spice Up Your Life


In high school, I dressed up as Ginger Spice once. Okay, twice. (Hey, there aren't many pop icons for a redheaded girl to dress up as for Halloween—and it always sucks to wear a costume only once...) And since then, whenever I use spices when cooking, I involuntarily start singing "Wannabe" followed …
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Stop the Camel from Toe-ing


I don't know about ya'll, but there's nothing worse than a front wedgie while I'm working out. Not only is it embarrassing, it also feels like my clothes hate me and are punishing me. It's not cool considering workouts are demanding enough without further distractions. That's where Shannon Dye's …
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Still Time to Join Our Weight-Loss Challenge!

The live challenge is in beautiful Kansas City! Credit: calebdzahnd

Our weight-loss challenge is set to start in just a few weeks, but there's still time for you ladies in Kansas City to get involved! We're looking for dynamic and ready-to-change women to take our 8-week crash course (we meet for two hours a week) that shows you how to eat right, work out properly …
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Free FBG Laptop Sleeves in the Store!


If you're like us, your laptop is just as important to your life as your sports bra or fave protein powder. You just can't live without it! But why keep your little techno-buddy under boring wraps when you can flaunt it in FBG style? We recently added FBG laptop sleeves to the store so that you can …
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Reading the 90-Day Fitness Challenge


Bill and Amy Parham were contestants on season six of The Biggest Loser, and while they didn’t win the competition, together they had the highest percentage of weight loss of any married couple on the show. Ever. And their dedication to a new, healthy lifestyle didn’t end when they left the …
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7 Good Reasons to Smile

Credit: nasrulekram

Smiling happens without much thought. When you watch a friend do something silly or embarrassing, you smirk. When a police officer lets you off without a ticket, you grin. And when you are recognized for your top performance in academics or at work, you beam. Smiling is a very natural response that …
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Coaching and Choosing Change

Credit: stevendepolo

The following is a post sponsored by Licensed Wellcoach® Terri Robery. For our sponsored post policy, click here. As a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I'm used to helping people reach their goals. However, sometimes I forget (since I obviously love working out and eating …
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Get Your Zumba On!


Zumba is an awesome workout. But instead of just telling you that, we're going to show you! Check out the video below as I check out a Zumba class at Amoré Dance in Overland Park, Kansas. You can get a feel for the moves, get a few tips from Zumba instructors on what to expect in a class and find …
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G Sycle: Mount Up!

The G Sycle

The folks from Fitnessbotics were kind enough to invite me to their facility to check out a brand new toy they've come up with called the G Sycle. All I have to say is beware, thighs of thunder...Beware! There's a new machine in town that has my legs feeling like Jell-O. I have finally found a …
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