Hit the Hay to Hit the Gym

exercise sleep

We all know how great a good night's rest can leave us feeling, but did you know that proper rest and high-quality sleep can actually improve your workouts and help keep you at a healthy body weight? Yep, according to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is essential for a person's health and …
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Shooting Energy

energy shot

I'm not sure if it goes back to my college days or what, but it's just really fun to shoot things. And by shoot I don't mean firearms; I mean drinks. And by all means, they don't need to be alcoholic to be fun (I'm more of a wine sipper, anywho)—I've been known to shoot pomegranate tea or aloe …
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Postpartum Workouts? Hardy Har Har.

baby sleeping

After months of being physically limited by pregnancy, I was sure that I'd want to jump right back onto the fitness wagon. Boy, did I underestimate the physical toll of having and taking care of a new baby! Even though I may be out of shape, I have a new respect and awe for my body. It is mind …
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FitLinks: Healthy Thanksgiving Edition

Credit: WishUponACupcake

Tomorrow is turkey day! Before indulging, be sure to read these fabulous holiday links from around the web! A healthy no-bake apple nut tart? No excuse not to try! —That's Fit Canada Perfect portion control: A stuffin' muffin! —Fit Sugar Holiday travel can be stressful. Tips to cope …
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Is Popcorn Healthy? An Expert Weighs In

popcorn calories

I—and I think most people—generally think of popcorn as being a healthy snack. After all, it's high in fiber and low in calories. Plus, it's delicious with movies. But AOL Health contributor and nutritionist Victoria Stein recently took a closer look at one popular brand of popcorn that claims to be …
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