Postpartum Workouts? Hardy Har Har.

baby sleeping
Credit: peasap

After months of being physically limited by pregnancy, I was sure that I’d want to jump right back onto the fitness wagon. Boy, did I underestimate the physical toll of having and taking care of a new baby!

Even though I may be out of shape, I have a new respect and awe for my body. It is mind boggling to me that I made and birthed a little human. And then everything snapped back to where it is supposed to be (for the most part). 

I’m not terribly concerned about getting rid of a little pudge or losing the 12 or so pounds I’ve got to lose. Although I must admit that it would be nice to fit back into all of my pre-pregnancy jeans (not just my bigger ones), I have admittedly taken it easy on myself. I wanted time to recover. I wanted time to just stare at my little bundle of joy. I wanted time to sleep. So I haven’t felt at all guilty about taking time off from my regular workouts.

And I haven’t been totally lazy as you can see from my postpartum progression…continue reading here!


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