Scientists Say Beware of Starbucks’ Trenta


Before you make your next Starbucks order a "Trenta"—the new mega drink size unveiled by the cafe chain—you might want to ask your waistline how it feels about it. An analysis by Loyola University Health System in Chicago claims the giant drink, which can pack as many as 230 calories a pop, could …
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How Do You Feel About Getting Older?

Credit: jerine

So, it's official. I'm 30! And, really, despite a few moments of sadness that my crazy 20s are over, I'm happy to be in a decade that I hear only makes you more confident in your own skin. I'm all for that! With all the sage advice I've received over the past week about entering this new decade, I …
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The Fun Theory: Music to Our Ears


If you haven't noticed, we love fun. And we love getting people to see that moving your body can actually be fun and enjoyable. So when we got wind of this super-freaking-cool idea we were thrilled. It's part Big, part public health initiative and all fun. It's also incredibly artistic, and allows …
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Two Natural Ways to Get More Energy


With so many unnatural energy fixes on the market these days, we thought we'd try these two more natural products that promise to energize. After all, who doesn't want more energy for your workouts—and life?! PALO Natural Vitality Tea with Mamajuana So this one was a new one for us. We had never …
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The Verdict on the EasySculpt


As a general rule, I'm not one for lots of gadgets and gizmos when it comes to workout equipment. I like my ol' dumbbells, stability ball and my own body weight just fine. And when I'm feeling particularly crazy, I'll spend some time on the TRX or will safely (with totally proper form) throw a …
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The Biggest Loser 11: A Freakout, Trading Places & Letters From Home


*SPOILER ALERT* This post reveals details from last night’s The Biggest Loser episode. So if you don’t want to know the dramatic details and results, click away, my friend, click away! Last night's The Biggest Loser episode was an hour shorter than usual, but that didn't stop it from being way …
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