Who Needs a Personal Trainer?


I can say "Who needs a personal trainer?" somewhat tongue-in-cheek because I, in fact, am a certified personal trainer. And although I know personal trainers are AWESOME for helping you break through barriers and reaching your full potential, they can be expensive. And if you're someone who doesn't …
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Swimsuit Season Is Around the Corner: Are You Ready?

I know for those of us who still have our heaters cranked, it's hard to imagine donning shorts—let alone a swimsuit—anytime soon, but spring is coming, ladies. And with it? Swimsuit season. If the mere thought of putting on a bikini makes your insides shriek louder than a Justin Bieber fan, have no …
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What Do You Want to See on the new Fit Bottomed Mamas?

We know you Fit Bottomed Girl readers aren't all mamas, but for those of you who are, we're dying to know what you want to see on the new Fit Bottomed Mamas! We know you fit mamas are opinionated, so get your pointer finger warmed up and ready to click. We want to know why you like (or dislike) FBM, …
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Working Out with Nutritionist Joy Bauer in Her New DVD


Yesterday we had a blast with our interview with the personable and knowledgeable Joy Bauer, and today we're happy to be reviewing her fun and encouraging workout DVD that's perfect for beginners! Joy Bauer's Slimdown Workout for Acacia is just about everything you could ask for in a beginner's …
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