Work Out With Kendra in This DVD

kendra-workout-dvdKendra Wilkinson-Baskett is my favorite Girl Next Door. She’s down to earth, has an infectious laugh and isn’t afraid to be herself. She’s always been super-sporty, so I wasn’t surprised when she decided to add another workout DVD to the one she starred in with her gal pals. Not to mention that Be a Knockout with Kendra is the workout she credits with helping her shed baby weight. (Be sure to read our Q&A with this fit mama!)

Brit trainer Nicky Holender lends his expertise as Kendra stays true to her love of sports, centering the workout around five sports: kickboxing, football, soccer, track and field, and basketball. You can play them in order or mix and match—a feature that’s a must for busy moms. Each of the five segments is 6 minutes long, so add it up and you’ve got 30 minutes of cardio, plus a warm-up, cool down and a bonus butt-toning section.

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