The Man Behind Jay-Z & Beyoncé’s Fitness


Anyone who has seen the Single Ladies video knows that Beyoncé is in hella-good shape. And just who is to credit for that bootylicious body? The trainer Marco Borges, who has also trained Jay-Z and Gwen Stefani (rumored, although he wouldn't comment), is the writer of the book Power Moves and the …
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Weight-Loss Challenge Check-In: Becoming More Mindful

In case you haven't noticed, we're not about restrictions up in here. We believe that a good eating plan involves everything you love (Wine? Yes! Chocolate? For sure!) because life is too short to be tempted and tormented by cravings. Just eat healthy foods the majority of the time, indulge when you …
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Hummus and Ganush On the Go


You know what I love? Real food. Not the stuff with ingredients you can't pronounce or the unnatural flavors or the marketing claims that a food is "really good for you" (despite the fact that it's packed with sugar). Over the years, I've really cleaned up my eats and focused on a flexitarian diet …
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What Holiday Food Makes You Drool?

  Tomorrow is Easter, which got us thinking about two things: holidays and food. After today's post on Easter candy that makes you go OMG, I can safely say that I don't plan to stuff myself tomorrow. Instead, I'll have a few bites of chocolate so as to not feel deprived and stick to the …
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Note to the Easter Bunny: Don’t Fill Our Basket With These, OK?

We all know that Easter is a time of indulging. Whether it's a big family meal with ham and all the fixings or an Easter egg hunt in the backyard with little chocolate eggs, the calories can add up fast. And with all of the new sweet treats on the market that are just begging to go in your Easter …
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