Come Hither, Peas and Carrots


In the Fit Bottomed Girls' minds, you don't get much funnier than people singing, dressed up in veggie costumes. Except maybe for that e-mail that goes around every Halloween with the dogs dressed up as Yoda or Harry Potter, or as the actual "dog" in "hot dog," that one always gets me. However, …
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Game. Set. (Tennis) Love.

Credit: Mister-E

Wimbledon is in full swing (get it? Ha!), and with it, nostalgia from years past manifests into new dreams that I, too, can be a tennis star. Sure, I haven't played in, oh, nine months and my serve is rusty, but why should I let that stop natural talent like me? By golly, with just a few practices …
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Going on Vacay!

You hear us preach "all good things in moderation" a lot up in here. While we're normally talking about food and exercise, the saying really applies to all of life! Which is why—for the first time in three years—the FBGs are taking their own advice and going on a vacay! While FBG Erin will still be …
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ShoutOut: Do You Work Out in the Dark?

  Earlier this week, FBG Kristen reviewed a new shirt that helps you to be seen when working out when the sun is down. Now that the weather is getting hot, hot, hot, I've been hitting the running trails a little earlier in the mornings and a little later in the evenings to take advantage …
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Staying Alive with This CPR Video


As a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I have to keep my CPR certification current each and every year. And it seems like every few years, the recommendations for performing CPR change just a little, based on current research. I've always taken my CPR certification serious, …
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