FitLinks: A Goodbye to Corn Pops, Brain-Boosting Coffee & More!

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What’s better than an iced coffee on a warm afternoon? These links! (And, coffee drinkers, take note of the link about the health benefits of java!)

The healthy habits for happiness. Happy, happy! —That’s Fit

Are chips to blame for the obesity epidemic? They may play a role… —Fat Fighter

Five gluten-free cereals that don’t taste gluten-free! —Fit Sugar

Almond butter ice cream. Eat it up, yum! —That’s Fit Canada

Just changed your lifestyle for the healthier? Seven ways to see if you’re really making progress inside and out! —All Women’s Stalk

The brain benefit of that regular cup of java. —Shape Magazine

Seven reasons to try a trail workout this weekend! —FitStop Fitness mag

All snacks are not created equal. Here are 31 that help with weight-loss! —Prevention

Say goodbye to Corn Pops… —

Think it takes a lot of dough to eat healthy and lose weight? Think again. —Exercise TV

Meet Karla, a blogger we love, too! —Brooklyn Fit Chick

What was your favorite link from the week? Do tell! —Jenn


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  1. Thank you so much for including my Q&A with Brooklyn Fit Chick in your Fit Links, Jenn (and of course for the kind words as well)! Sending the love right back atcha 🙂