A Workout to Try: Beginning Yoga With Bieber

Bacon, Bieber and yoga. I can’t think of three stranger things that seemingly don’t go together…yet do. Like perfection. While speaking at the Health and Fitness Bloggers Conference in Boulder this June, I had a chance to meet the man behind No More Bacon, Ryan Sullivan. Simply delightful (and hilarious) in person, Ryan gave an awesome talk about fitness blogging—and mentioned a little video he did that his readers loved.That little video? You guessed it, involved Bieber and yoga.

Get out your yoga mats, readers. You’re about to be yoga-Bieberfied!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch Beginning Yoga With Bieber.

Oh, you know we’ll be doing the Bieber flash…and the Eager Bieber. Namaste! —Jenn


  1. Lazy Personal Trainer says

    This is fantastic! It’s a good reminder that humor is BIG part of being healthy. I love parodies and spoofs like this because it reminds me not to take things too seriously. Thanks for sharing!

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