Join Us in SoCal for an FBG and AT&T Fitness Truths Meet-Up

Calling all FBGs in the Southern California area! Sunday, November 6, we'll be holding an FBG Fitness Truths meet-up! (Remember those empowering Fitness Truths?) Sponsored by the good folks at AT&T, we'll feed everyone a healthy breakfast, lead the group through some stretches to get you feeling …
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Getting Spooky (and Crazy): Biggest Loser 12 Episode and Week 6 Recap


*SPOILER ALERT* This post reveals details from last night’s The Biggest Loser 12 episode. So if you don’t want to know the dramatic details and results, click away, my friend, click away! It was Halloween week on The Biggest Loser 12, and let's just say it was scary. Well, only parts of it were …
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Ted Allen of “Chopped” Talks Food, Trends and Butts!


A couple of weeks ago, our pals at Fitness magazine asked if we wanted to submit a question for an interview that they were doing with Ted Allen of the Food Network show Chopped. Being fans of Ted's dry humor and food knowledge on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (do you guys remember that show?! …
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How Many Calories Are in That Fun-Size Halloween Candy?


You know why the Halloween candy goes on sale well before Halloween, right? So that you buy it, eat it all and have to buy more to hand out! And you know how we FBGs feel—we're all for a treat now and again, and you'd think that a snack-sized candy bar would be a smart, simple way to get a quick …
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5 Fitness Items to Splurge On and 5 Not Worth Your Hard-Earned Bucks


Getting fit can be a pricey endeavor. From having the proper footwear to the right sweat-wicking apparel to the gadgets, gizmos and equipment that promise to help get you to your fittest and healthiest, you can spend a small fortune on working out. But—and this is a big but—you don't have to! …
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25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Bob Harper


US Weekly recently brought our attention to this recent bit of wonderfulness they did with Bob Harper. And we, with the mag's permission of course, just had to share. For Bob lovers like us (and we KNOW ya'll are out there from our Twitter convos during The Biggest Loser with you!), prepare to geek …
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Cancer and Exercise: 5 Things Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know

cancer and exercise

The other day I was surfing the web, checking out may daily dose of I wasn’t searching for anything in particular, just the latest gossip on celebs. (It’s a guilty pleasure; what can I say?) Anyway, I came upon a story about Shannon Miller, the 1996 Olympic gymnast, who went through …
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Tips for Losing Pregnancy Weight

Today we’re featuring an Ask the FBMs! This feature allows readers like you to ask the FBMs for advice on health and parenting topics. If we don't know the answer, we'll do our best to find out! Send your undying questions to me at [email protected] You just might see them posted on …
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