Fall Recipe to Make, Like Now: Roasted Pumpkin & Kale Late Harvest Soup


Just in case you're in need of a nice hearty meal for Black Friday (or if you're already sick of turkey!), here's a great healthy pumpkin soup recipe from core performance guru, Linda LaRue. Linda is the creator of the new, total-body core workout specialty resistance-tubing system, The Core …
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Things to Be Grateful For: What We’re Giving Thanks For This Year


Life may have its ups and downs, but dang if it isn't great to be alive. We all have so much to be thankful for—no matter where we live, what we do and how much we weigh. So this Thanksgiving, just as we did last Thanksgiving, the FBGs are sharing what we're giving thanks for this year. Nothing …
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Eat Like a Cavewoman: Pros and Cons of The Paleo Diet


With perhaps one of the biggest meat-eating days of the year on tap for tomorrow, we wanted to share this guest post by James Kim on the Paleo Diet. Read on for the pros and cons of this so-called caveman way of eating! The “Paleo Diet” is also known as the “Caveman Diet,” which is named so …
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Biggest Loser 12, Week 10 Recap: Game Play in Full Force

The Biggest Loser

*SPOILER ALERT* This Biggest Loser recap reveals details from last night’s episode. So if you don’t want to know the dramatic details and results of episode 10, click away, my friend, click away! Oh, it's getting nasty on The Biggest Loser 12! In last night's episode 10, game play was the name of …
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7 Tips to Avoid Those Hidden Holiday Calories


We preach all good things in moderation and are totally anti-calorie obsessing. However, the holidays can be a bit of a healthy eating disaster if you're not prepared and informed. Which is why we love these holiday eating tips from the fitness experts at Life Fitness. The average holiday meal can …
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