5 Tips to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

This post on how to lose weight is a part of our second-annual New Year, New Rear Week to help you to be fitter, healthier and a touch (okay, a lot!) more awesome in 2015. Read all New Year, New Rear posts here!


This time of year, almost everyone is looking to lose a few pounds. Whether it’s the couple of extra holiday cookies you nibbled on or the workouts you missed for those fun Christmas parties, most of us have a few extra pounds that weren’t there at the start of the holiday season. But whether you’ve set a New Year’s resolution to lose 5 pounds or 50, we can help.

See, for most, this time of year is about getting back on track and taking things away rather than how we like to see it—adding more awesome to your life. With that in mind, we’ve put together five easy steps that will help you lose the weight for good without losing your mind.

How to Lose Weight Easily

1. Weigh yourself, and then give up the obsession. The scale can be a great weight-loss tool, but it can also be a huge self-esteem crusher when you don’t see your changes reflected on the scale as quickly as you’d like. We’re firm believers that the number on the scale should never determine your self worth, so this New Year, weigh yourself once to get a starting weight, and then put the darn thing in the closet for at least a week, maybe two or three. Invest in a body tape measuring tool, too, so that you can take measurements every other week to see how much your body is really changing. Ya’ll know the scale isn’t the whole story, as it can greatly fluctuate based on what foods you eaten, sodium intake and how hydrated you are.


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  1. I love all of these! I especially like #2. Sometimes when people decide they are going to eat healthier and exercise they overwhelm themselves with trying to change everything at once. Then if they don’t stick with it they just quit everything. Making small goals every month will help them succeed in whatever goals they have for themselves. That way it’s more of a life change instead of just a “diet”.

  2. This is fantastic. My favorite is the self acceptance ritual. It is so true. Once I started to truly accept myself and love myself then I became ready and willing to make loving nourishing choices that work for me

  3. Staying off of the scale is definitely challenging but it is worth it. In addition to weighing myself I do measurements and “before” pictures. I set a timeframe to go back and check my progress – likely a few weeks to one month. The scale can be really deceiving especially if you are building muscle so try not to focus on that number.

  4. Very good tips, thanks!
    The only thing I would add is to drink a glass of water first before you grab a snack – many people feel hungry or have an appetite, but actually are simply thirsty.

  5. Love these tips….. its all in the book which i am due to read again for guidance reinforcement and motivation. Loving yourself enough that you want to take care of yourself really strikes a chord with me

  6. Holiday Season, just a couple of weeks ago, had doubled my weight. I have been working my butt off to shed off these extra pounds and this article somewhat answered my questions! Thank you for this great article!

  7. Excellent tips, thanks for sharing! I love especially tips 1 and 2! I have always done measurable goals which is good but sometimes stressful. Maybe this year I share those goals into months and add something fun and different to everyone of them! 🙂

    Nora / http://dreamerachiever.com